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You really have to wonder about some of the unicorns we have on this site as they have no shame and some of the excuses they have come up with for BA are pearlers.

The unicorns have recently accused people like myself and others who disapprove of what is happening at the club as having some evil Agenda which is quite laughable when you look at the history of these people, unicorns have a very proud history of backing absolute rubbish being at the club and what is even more deplorable is that even when the rubbish they back and want at the club are failing they still want them to remain at the club. 

The unicorns ,

Backed and defeded Kearney.

Backed and defend Ricky Stuart 

Backed and defended Steve Sharp 

Backed and defeded Brad Arthur.

Yet apparently people like myself who are against rubbish being at the club have a a evil Agenda , if you asked anyone with a full compliment of working brain cells who had the the evil Agenda I'm certain they would say the dopes who have consistently backed and defend rubbish at the club have a evil agenda in wanting the club to fail .

You would either have to have a agenda of wanting to the club to fail or have some kind of mental illness because to be this consistently wrong  over such a long period of time you either are doing it on purpose because you hate the club or are not mentally normal .

The excuses even trickle down to the CEO , Gurr has been a failure in everything he has done since being at the club and no excuses can be made for it yet the unicorns being the troopers they are  still had a crack at defending Gurr when someone posted a blog highlighting the education and training that Bernie Gurr has, yep Bernie is doing a fine job because he has the right education and training and that is all that matters .

Yes let's listen to the unicorns because is obvious they have the right agenda and have always been correct. 

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That's the answer then isn't it the people running the show are making poor decisions that's all the TOer of coaches does once a new guy comes in he has to correct the last guy and the round about starts again.

Nevermind what the Roosters do go have a look at real professional franchise like the Pittsburgh Steelers they've had like half a dozen coaches in 50 years.

Difference being they invest in people don't panic when the shit turns bad they back there decision on the standard they live by.Invest in a person and it works.

You would have to ask what was the selection criteria for all coaches following Brian Smith (and also following John Monie to Brian Smith). Ricky Stuart had some experience but was the wrong person to rebuild the club. All of the others were grossly inexperienced and were not what the club needed. In fact you could argue that we have only ever had one great coach (Jack Gibson) and one very good coach (Brian Smith). Even John Monie couldn't continue where Gibson left off, but he was probably hampered by the lack of foresight from the club.

Something has to give in the club and if anyone believes that changing the coach will solve the mess we are in (and have been in since at least 1987 bar the years 1997-2005), they are very naive. This will take a massive change to turn this around and unfortunately we don't seem to have the people to do it. Coaches have borne the brunt of criticism in the past, but they are just the coal face. There is much more rot beneath the surface of this club and Parramatta won't be a force until this is solved. This has to be the number one priority.

Longfin you are correct , Fitzy had no idea when it came to on field things his forte was the business side side of things .

Even when Smith was hired  it was due to other people more than Fitzy , he basically hired some of the worst coaches in history and it is something the club has  always had issues with hiring coaches the same way we have always had issues for finding the right people to run the club .

Yes the coach is just part of the problem but a problem none the less and he needs to go , we don't need a 6th season to know he is useless, we also need Max and Bernie to go too because as you said we need a total rebuild from the bottom up . 

And they said we could never agree on thingd longfin. 

Haha yes.

If the club does go for yet another coach, he needs to be someone who has proven experience in not only getting results on the park, but who can shake things up. I don't know who that would be though. Personally I'd like to see the club sort itself out first though.

Personally I would like to see Brian Smith back for a number of reasons, he has a deep love tlfor the club and he would still be hungry for success and he has never one a comp , he has said publicly that his biggest regret is not winning a premiership with Parra .

We need him to come in and restructure everything , even if he was coach for 2 years to fix things then allow him to select the right coach to take over .

Bennett has the the success behind him but he is only worried about who pays him the most , he would still do a better job than BA but we need a specific job to be done and not many coaches are available who can do the job needed . 

lol Bennett and belly would be shit for parra esp Bennett he loves the 1 man out crap plus I don’t want his love child to come with him

You cant just hold onto a poor coach because weve made poor decisions in the past in selecting new ones, it makes no sense what so ever.

Thats like painting your house pink and saying ''ewe are not changing from pinks because before pink we had purple, and before purple we had yellow and look how that turned out''

The mind boggles.

Seriously some eels fans are a laugh, its the same ones every time.

Its like you think we are the only club that sacks or goes through coaches lol

Ah but you fail to see sir super these dicks al want to copy Melbourne we are not Melbourne that’s why da made the gf in 09 1 man out don’t work at parra you pass you score you win

No coach has won the spoon in his 5th year at the same club and survived.

It's an absolute fact.

Why does ba need more staff to hold his little hand ?

The coach is the absolute pinnacle of every results driven professional sporting club, & look at Parramatta's situation at the moment - ba has purchased one decent forward in 5 years (brown) meaning he doesn't understand the concept of building a dominant pack.

Take a look at all the dud purchases ba has made - Evans 3y 400k - Watmough 4y 800k- Vave 2y  - Matagi - Hoffman - Foran 1.1 million  - Beu Scott 3 y 600k what a joke - it's not the salary cap scandal that's holding the club back, it's all these rubbish signings!  Wake the fek uo !

Ba is a coaching impersonator & mediocre loving unicorns will bend over and take the spoon he has brought us with sheer delight...

The unicorns supporters of this club will always hold back it's progress

Arthur will be gone very soon - trust me! 

From what he has said recently and the way he is behaving, it's like he knows he's going. No coach in recent history has started a season like that and lasted the whole year. Except brown, but he was giving an extremely dud team.


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