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Eels bad boy Kenny Edwards opens up on troubled past and vows to forge new future

Kenny Edwards of the Eels has vowed to provide a better example for his children. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images) Kenny Edwards of the Eels has vowed to provide a better example for his children. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

PARRAMATTA Eels enforcer Kenny Edwards has started speaking again to the abusive father he has “hated all my life” but says he will never forget the torment he was subjected to growing up in New Zealand.

Writing for Exclusive Insight Edwards admits his bad boy image is one that is well earned but insists the inspiration provided by his two children will enable him to finally change his ways.

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to common assault in February after an incident involving his former partner Madison Campbell and came in for widespread criticism on the field for a late hit on prone Broncos winger Jonus Pearson in Round 21.

Titans' Hayne replacement

Titans' Hayne replacement


His volatile and unpredictable nature makes him a lightning rod for detractors who highlight his apparent lack of discipline but Edwards says missing World Cup selection for New Zealand and the influence of his children will see him bring to an end the grubby acts that have been the calling cards of his career to date.

He has also gone some way to moving past the horrors of his childhood that he has carried throughout his career.

“My dad was abusive towards my mum all the time — I hated him all my life, and blamed him for a lot of things that happened in my life,” Edwards said.

“I have only recently begun talking to him — but our relationship will never be the same. I have forgiven him, but he knows he can’t change what he has done in the past.

“I remember there were times as a kid, we would go weeks on end with nothing in the kitchen pantry.

“I would steal food from school for my little brother and I, just so we didn’t go to bed feeling hungry.”

Eels back-rower Kenny Edwards on the charge against Penrith.
Eels back-rower Kenny Edwards on the charge against Penrith.Source: News Corp Australia

Aware of his reputation in the public eye, Edwards is determined to leave his troubled past behind so he can be a positive influence on his two children who he only gets to see every second weekend after his relationship with their mother broke down.

“My daughter is six and she can read now — if she walks past a shop and sees her father on the back of the newspaper for some negative stuff, I know it’d break her heart. So I’ve got to clean up my act,” Edwards conceded.

“It’s hard with myself and their mother breaking up, but I never wanted to be someone that was away from their kids because my own father did that to me at an early age and I hated it.

“I’m certain that my discipline was a key factor as to why I was not considered for New Zealand for this year’s Rugby League World Cup team — that was a massive wake-up call.

“A few years ago, the omission wouldn’t have even troubled me.

“But I’m grown, and want so much for myself now.”

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Hey would come close to being our best forward if he tightened up his discipline. Hopefully he follows through

Agreed, he can be anything when playing consistent. 

the Tibetan Monk would do wonders for him.A calm head and impulse control would improve his game big time

Him and brown are far and way our best forwards ... love Edwards playing for us but this is a typical fluff piece during off season. He won’t change his ways 

The heading wasn't necessary John.
Whilst this is actually a positive story, you are portraying it as some sort of trouble Kenny is in.
Chief the article was posted by Col

Every person in life usually has a light bulb moment. If Kenny has had his then the Eels will be the winners

I am biased though because Kenny is one of my favourite players. Problem is of course he gives plenty of lows to go with his highs.

He is never going to be perfect because Brad has him playing on the edge all of the time.

1EE click bait. We've all been snagged...

I could have simply posted the blog with the title that was on the fox heading Eels bad boy Kenny Edwards opens up on troubled past and vows to forge new future.   That to me was more negative than the heading I put on it,  of Ken Edwards in the news again which I thought was pretty well neutral for what is said in the article.

The article shows up a degree of his life that not many would like to talk about, at the same time he recognises the reputation that has gone with him, which in itself is neutral, both positive and negative which is how any battery needs to have to actually work.

attitude problems ,it seems cory and kenny have been told by brad arthur to tow the line in 2018...merry christmas to all.

Has too much trouble with his hamstrings  !

He promises to clean his act up on the field but still manages to f*** up by giving away silly penalties and flopping on players with dangerous contact

The last thing our team needs is a forward with a bit of fire in his belly 


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