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Our great friend and   BRILLIANT  jersey designer Jamsey has just received a phone call to discuss future jersey designs.  Bernie Gurr and Larissa are certainly reading the various discussions around the New ISC hooped jersey, and must be concerned around the initial reactions by fans on all platforms, be it 1EE, LU Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully one of Jamsey"s designs can come in as an alternate 2018 home or away jersey, and be discussed as our future permanent kit.

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So I just got a call from the Parramatta Eels club, Bernie and Larissa want to arrange a meeting with me to discuss the jersey. Not sure about what they want. If it's just to push their 60's design then they are wasting their time, but if they have interest in my designs then I'm happy to discuss. No date set. They will email me further details. Very interesting.



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Original 1960 and 70;s jerseys without navy blue darker colours. Bernie is trying to change the eels history.

Royal blue all the way.

jpav the blue colour mass  with the smaller yellow mass works very well with the Toyota gersey

I'd be happy with any of  these pantones

very plastic  yuk

what colours would you use? orange?

jamsey there are hundreds of shades from yellow to orange. I have spent a lot of time on this blog trying to get you to have a look at the full scope of colour combos in the yellow blue combo. My main issue with the yellow blue combo you have put up with is the yellow. Their is too much of it in my opinion and the VALUE Chroma is too close to the blue. I like the blue you use but would try and vary it a bit with tones/shade /chroma etc It is not easy to get it right. I am a perfectionist in my Art and struggle to get things right--bloody hard-you have an opportunity to get it right--these opportunities don,t come round that often. The main issue I have is the yellows. They are a very dominant colour  and need restraint to not look cheapening the visual.-therefore less yellow mass.The complementary to blue is orange. Which is close on the complementary colour range scale which is good but not perfect. A shift is movement to the orange side of yellow will give greater harmony  and a fresher look. However making the chroma intensity too close to the blue chroma intensity cheapens it You either need to make the orange yellow lighter or deeper onto the orange. I think the lighter yellow on the orange scale may work better with trialling it against the blue. slightly darker or lighter etc. I don,t have the computer skills to do it and it seems you do. Their are thousands of variations you could come up with to help you work it out as to the best fit. Not easy to say unless it is modelled with sketches etc. I did mention the magic artistic touch which might really set this jersey off. A think darker orange red yellow{you have to play with it} on the collar may do it. We tend to add frigging white in the Jersey which is a disaster. The orange yellow red would work really well instead of white. Your overall concept in design in the jersey you have come up with is very good. It would be interesting to see it with a higher blue mass with maybe 5 stripes maybe even 7 .I don,t know --have to see the model. Good to see it with the blue shorts which would  add to the visual. Sorry for being an arsehole about it --its the frustrated Artist in me who struggles for the ultimate--which is hard to get 


sorry Jamsey my computer skills not the best but this is a rough that probably needs to be worked on .I would suggest  maybe some thoughts from you to tidy it up a bit. 

the yellow you posted on right is the same as the yellow I posted in the middle of the blues.

Jamesy would it be possible for you to crowd fund to produce a few hundred of these and our donations would in fact be really us purchasing them upfront?  Maybe 500 of us turning up to the games showing our support and unification would influence their future decisions.  I have had Jerseys made before at a lot cheaper price than what the NRL get out of them so it would be a cheaper jersey for all if you did it for a small profit margin.   I know that I would personally order 6.

Jamesy would be up for copyright infringement if he did that. The NRL own all logo and imaging rights.

What about if names and logos were not included.  Maybe replaced with slogans to protest against the current design.  


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