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Fogarty is our best option as a backup for an outside back. he can also goal kick and play in the halves. 

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Get that Browny, so has he been undressed yet?  And if yes, who is the MAN behind the mask? 

 He gave me the ammunition when he called time-to-get-it-right a ball sucking moron.

Most proper of you Precious - we all know ttgir is not a moron. TeeHee

Apples and oranges Monto...did you pass or fail the nrl concussion test?
Blokes been pathetic for Wenty so you want to reward him with a first grade spot?
I'd rather we bring Mortimer back, he's 10x the player Fogarty is and ever will be. Even Luke Kelly makes him look like a hack

well this has been an uplifting experience.ball sucking and what not I'm shocked . idid not think the FOG would cause this much angst 



might aswell put mannah as 14 worth a shot

I would not be putting Fogarty at 14. If Norman is still out this week i'd give Robson one last crack at halfback against his old club. If he has a stinker then we potentially look to Fogarty in the halves if needed, not as a bench utility player..

Here's hoping Norman is fit this week! Save us all the headache.

As for the no. 9 go with King, if he is unavailable go with Nelson. Brown can play 10-15 mins at hooker late in the game to give either of them a bit of a breather. 


Oh great!! Just what we need another blog about a bog average reserve grader.


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