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Picking a "worst ever" season supporting this joke of a club is problematic.We have been spoiled for choice these last 30 years.For me the 2012 season was the Marianas Trench of lows.Remember the coin tossing incident? But no matter how bad we were,I attended games with the expectation of a win.This season  is even worse.I don't  even see the remotest possibility of a win.It is as if every other side has quantum leaped into another level and we are under-9s playing a First grade side.Can anyone remember a worse season?

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We sadly, have a hell of a lot to choose from.  Don't think it is our worst TBH.

THIs is definitely the season I feel most BLINDSIDED. I still feel in a fog for the debacle it has been .i did not seethis coming , did not expect the wooden spoon ,did not expect this inept and laughable situation . 

I honestly think I  still walking through this season “ in shock”

for this reason alone tom it is up there for my worst season 

Exactly Carlo!

I can't think of another season where we have won so few games. Truly embarrassing and all to comon as an Eels supporter. I wonder if I will see an Eels premiership anytime soon.

Those dreaded years with Ricky Stuart were bad, didn't we win 5 games all season once? You are right though, for some reason, this year just feels like there is no chance whatsoever of a win. It just feels like that. Every weekend I am expecting a loss. It feels like a few players are trying their guts out then the rest are made up of Mr. Magoo, Inspector Clouseau and Gilligan. It is beyond depressing as a proud Eels supporter since 1976, it is FARCICAL

Considering the top line talent we have.. .This is one of the most underperfoming sides in history.

No side with players - norman, moses, Hayne and Jennings in the backline should ever get anywhere near a wooden spoon.  

This is our worst year. 

Great point.  I withdraw my earlier comment.  Yep, we suck.

Agree 100%.

You can't compare this season to other more recent spoon seasons where we had the likes of Casey Maguire, Ben Robert's, Kris and Matt Keating, Joseph Paulo, Chris Sandow and Daniel Mortimer in our spine. This season held genuine promise that has been slaughtered by something which I'm not sure anyone can identify with any degree of certainty. This season has definitely hurt the most. 

Have said this a few on times here and others have too, but something about that Melbourne loss in the semis has I believe created a mindset issue within the squad, albeit unconsciously.  Since that day Arthur has been unable to change it and seems unlikely to.  Parra’s self belief died that night, we need a mental as well as player cleanout.  BA, you are a good man, but not the man to take us forward. 


and let’s move on 

Most disappointing year ever, We seemed to building something, was expecting top 4, not the spoon.

When we played Newcastle in the trial we looked in another league to them. Don't know what went wrong. Definitely missing the Semi factor.

It’s right up there!


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