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Would you consider an organised Guinea Pig fighting ring where people watch and bet on Guinea Pig fighting is unethical? Should it be banned in Australia?

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No doubt they guinea pig fight out your way Monts?


We used to have guinea pigs, and we had this big "bull" who ruled the roost. But he was a sociopath. He'd impregnate all the females in the cage, daughters, granddaughters, you name it, then he'd kill 'em. He'd just sit on them, and we'd find them dead, flat & stiff. We had to get a separate cage for him, randy old sociopath.

Bwahahahaha i would have called him Mohammad.

I remember my Nan had a Sydney silky terrier, she brought the little yapper over to our house one day and for whatever reason I don't know why, we had the sociopath in a box in the laundry. Well the yapper went straight for the sociopath, she was on top of him trying to tear him limb from limb. But he was a feisty old bugger, the yapper came off second best. She had a scratched eyeball, a blood nose, hair missing everywhere. The sociopath was hissing with its nasty claws out ready for round 2.

Bwahgahahaha good memories

He was as big as a small cat
My Nanna was exactly the same.

I think before jumping to any conclusions, we should give the guinea pigs a vote. Guinea pig Suffragettes unite!

To be honest, we have two guinea pigs. Their names are Smith and Jim. Man, they the Tyronne's of the Canberra Guinea Pig Fighting Club (CGPFC). 

Have they had any limbs or feet bitten off in a fight yet Vince?
Ive heard CGPFC is a pretty strong club?
Fighting on grass or dirt?

Dirt, we stick to the original format and they have some ears torn and few toes missing but no major limbs, 


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