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Heil the great man, i like him more and more every day.

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Not sure he will make it to innaguration
CIA and Obama doing everything they can to stop him or at least obstruct all hiss plans

Too right they are, theyve tried every trick in the book from celebrities, to sexual assault claims, now to Russian hacking nonsense, Obamas done his best to set him up, trumps onto all that crap and will continue to outsmart them.

And on the subject of Obama, Michelle Obamas a complete joke, shes a propaganda machine who loves the crocodile tears and all the women empowerment garbage, im so freaking happy to see the back of her, she can peddle her nonsense to all the dopes on the Ellen Degenerate show...

There are plenty of rumours that she is in fact a man with huge testicles.

Michelle is a joke geez, but id do her in a heart beat

You talking about the Wooki?

Monto this avatar is just for you lol, straight from the bible!

Jesus whispering a Brontosaurus.

The avatar, sorry snake i dont like it

 Shawn welcome back to the site lol, what exactly is it about my avatar thats not gelling with you?

Ummm im new to this site and a touch nervous as well. Your avatar is a bit creepy but i can deal with that

With all those ummmms and geeez and very unusual name you remind me of an old friend Shawn lol, welcome back.


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