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Because there are still 6 games until Guth returns, we cannot afford to lose that many games.

Not really.

Flannagan moved Dugan into fullback after one game

Pay dropped Frawley after two games

Ricky dropped Austin to the bench also after two games

Robinson has changed his forward rotation for this weeks game as well.

It might be a "forced" change but I wouldn't call it panicking, you fix what's not working and clearly after not scoring any points for 3 halves of football something needed to be fixed.

Agree scott will play. I would remove hoffman and have avaua on wing still as his defence is not good enough at centre and play manu at centre 

Hayne is not a centre and French ain’t no fullback, it’s a no brainer.
I am concerned with French on the wing, 2 weeks in a row he has been man handled and carried out of the sideline like a shopping bag. Hed better learn to launch himself into that line and pump his legs till the tackle is complete otherwise it’s gonna get ugly and embarrassing.

Stop !! Arrgh !!!!!  Don’t even GO there

Bevan French has Daniel Mortimer syndrome, great first season but got found out and now too small for NRL.
I disagree. French has been caught out trying to hit holes from FB. It's not his go. If he's put in space on the wing running a more direct line, look out!
He’s the smallest winger in the competition, I hope I’m wrong but he’ll struggle
Very reminiscent to the Hoppa/Robinson change made early in 2015 after Hoppa didn't make the desired impact at fullback. Gutho looks very close to a return, he could be back in Rd 4 vs Tigers, pushing Hayne back to centre & French on the wing


Agree Carlo. Hayne is not a centre. Leave him at FB. Put Gutho to centre. French to wing.

Great move. 


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