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1. Do you want Hayne @ Parramatta - Yes/ No.

2. Which position should he play.

Two word answers please, no silly five paragraph answers.

For all those who didn't notice Phil's poll - which would equate to 99% core 1ee device users

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1. Yes ✔
2. Fullback ✔

Yes, wing, centre, fullback


1. Yes ✔
2. Fullback, wing ✔

Yes, Fullback.

1. Yes (subject to $ / contract term / conditions)

2. Fullback

Meh, centre.
Yes centre
Wing- are you serious, your saying a once in a generation player should be wasted on the wing ?

Semi was there, came in when needed, and he couldn't tackle like Jarryd.

Put Jarryd on the wing, if Gutho/Bevan is playing badly, and he is playing well move him to fullback

9 yes
Zero No's


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