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Just heard on the radio this morning, Jarryd Hayne set to re-sign with Parra for a further 2 seasons. Essentially meaning he finishes his career in the Blue & Gold.

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Good news. Injuries are his only problem. Whilst we will probably never see him reach the heights he did pre NFL, he is still nrl quality.

Great news

Lol are the comments sarcastic. Great news

I don't expect anything quality from him but it felt wrong seeing him another Club’s colours

He's our best outside back atm

Chief has your account been hacked!!!!!! Something positive lol

not great news .F***KIN GREAT NEWS 

Very unfortunate for our club, 2 year contract after playing a handful of games lol, the useless kent will be out injured the majority, hes also got a court case that will be playing on his mind.

This will backfire on us, ive no doubt..

Assuming the rumour to be credible, its whats to be expected I guess. Whilst I think its the wrong call, I hope that for the teams sake, Princess can get some of his mojo back.

I really think that this decision is indicative of where Parra is at as an NRL Franchise. It would appear that we r not yet looking forward, we r not yet focused on the future, not focused on about being winners, winning is not yet paramount in our outlook, we r still looking backwards & a drift in an illusion of reminiscing.

I suppose an extension of BA's tenure could also be on the cards as well. It would be congruous with our current situation.

Oh well, I anticipate another era of Unicorn forlorn hope, next year, next year, always next year.

The Princess lol. Michael you're a great character.

I would like to see him play some fullback before the season is over. 

If true what a fantastic signing . Great way to reward the bloke for his hard work . 


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