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Hate to break the news.. It was Cameron King that cost us 2 tries

The first one was 50% on Manu to be fair, but Cameron went for the legs and missed by 100 miles. 

The second one was embarrassing, got completely manhandled and thrown out of the way. Taka did what he could covering up the scraps. 

Don't believe me look at the replay closely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZqLP90Ish0

FYI third try was Auva'a's miss but I guess with Norman lying on the floor injured and Moses in the bin it didn't really help. Gutho will take his spot. 

Easy fix for Manly, Kaysa replaces Cameron. Kenny needs a spot. 

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King is better then kaysa smith needs to be on the bench as does Kenny but early in the season playing in daytime you need a back up hooker
King is similar to rory kostjasyn or a hinchcliffe... Good first 20 minute player but not as effective in the full 80 minutes

ba does this every year... he starts off with one hooker in the team and four forwards off the bench and every year its flops

Either kaysa or will smith need to be in the team since they can help support king and a number of other positions

King missed 6 tackles yesterday, he struggles churning out 80mins IMO.

I'd rather Smith on the bench than a useless plodder like Kaysa in the team.

Ditto that Alan. Not sure how we get Smith on the bench, but he's a far better utility and would provide better service than Pritchard who's the worst in the comp.

drop matagi and scott and bring in smith and Edwards.

That's the problem - we can't drop 2 middle forwards and replace them with a utility and an edge forward. We've already got Taka on the bench as an edge forward/reserve back, we can't add Smith and Edwards. If you thought we were light on in the forwards yesterday, imagine how that would play out for us. Even if BA considered moving Tepai to a full time middle forward, we simply can't carry Taka, Smith and Edwards on the bench - at this stage it's pick one of them and on yesterday's performance you can't drop Taka. At a pinch you might be able to pick 2 and have Evans and maybe Peni as the other 2 and utilise Tep in the middle at stages.

It's clear what we had didn't work, to much of the same stuff from the whole pack, there needs to be a point of difference.

The reason Pritchard was initially preferred to Smith was his defence particularly goal line defence.

Lol 1 game and some want to off load King really.

Replace him with Pritchard you all reckon hahahaha you mean the guy that's had all off season to cement the hooking spot that guy lol yeah ok.

Hate to break it to you, King was not our issue yesterday at all.


what about the fact that match fitness may be an issue or the heat yesterday? Fans after one game are saying our forwards are too small, couldnt match it with the big forward Panthers pack and we want to put Smith on the bench?

I dont think BA will be making too many changes, particularly after one game. 


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