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Like a lot
Loving it , so great to hear such authority and confidence from Arthur and commitment from Hayne
BA: "We're here to win a comp, not finish fourth" ... that's what I am talking about!!!

Jimbo : Stop telling the truth. It will not go down too well on this site. I have been saying that for some years---We are in the NRL competition for one reason and one reason alone, that is to win the Grand Final, win the competition. Anything else is a failure. To finish second is a failure, just as to finish last is a failure and to finish forth, as we did this year, is a failure. To win, we need to improve our roster every year.

 BA : That is complete twaddle. 100% failure.

Sounds good! Welcome back!

 Gaz: You say  "Great to see BA giving us the truth." !  Are you implying that he has not always done that? I think a revamp of you title may be in order.

BA is Parramatta and he’s calling the shots.

Over to you Jarryd.

In hindsight, I'm glad Jarryd wasn't here in 2017, if he was any success we had could have been attributed to him. But we now know that BA and the team he built was good enough to finish fourth on the ladder. Having Jarryd should help us improve further

Great point

I was very apprehensive & cynical about re-signing the Princess but I have to admit that BA makes a lot of sense.

Putting aside the $s & the short term aspect of the deal, what I like about BA's comments are that the Team will not be reliant on Hayne as the go to man. My impression is that BA will expect him to effectively carry out whatever role he is selected for, no more, no less.

I also appreciated the explanation of the context of Hayne's situation in respect to the FB role & the priority of Gutho & Bevan, to have first shot in earning the No1 Jersey. Apparently loyalty is a BA trait & not just a shallow mantra. It will be interesting to see how BA accommodates Taka into the team if Hayne is slotted into the centres.

BA's comments regarding the recruitment of another Prop was also interesting. We r not going to recruit mediocre talent but will be playing a waiting game & conserve our Salary Cap space until someone of reasonable quality becomes available. 

All in all, IMO a very positive BA statement.



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