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Frenchie playing very well at FB but just as good on the wing. Hayne did nothing at centre but more comfortable at the back. How does Gutherson go at centre? Although French n Gutherson are fighting it out as our long term FB I think it should be JH for 2018.

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Hayne will be at the back I recon 

Gutherson was MOM tonight. 45 front on tackles, scored 3 tries, set up another 4, ran from across the other side of the field to tackle Nathan Ross and Quentin Pongia saving two tries and then woke up from his daydream in the stands. 

You on the gear?

Gutherson came to Parra as a centre......Put what ever number on their back that you like but French and Hayne should alternate between wing and fullback for the whole year. 


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