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Is this Confirmed???

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I hope so, so we can play him, rag doll him over the sideline and make him our b**** instead of other teams b****.

Lol he great a scoring but also he bad at letting them in.

French has speed to burn but we can't have him in the side we've got - he's too much of a liability. Good luck to him, I hope he improves his attitude because it was really lacking this last season.

If true i say our loss dogs gain

He be one who got away again u wait n c

He’s going to pull a Gallen and gain weight and muscle in the off season with his new club

Yes he is but he just wants the fullback spot & we can't give him that when he not the best fullback at this stage.

Spot on.

Hes had years to do that here to be fair gucci, if he can do it somewhere else good luck to him.

French needs a summer holiday with the old soviet era olympic trainers.. could be a gun with his athleticism and some extra size.. and some defensive positioning coaching at fullback ... and some more ticker .. and some extra height
If he trained & build up, he could make it but like so many, he wants it handed to him. Sorry it don't work that way... Pity he want out, but we can cover him. But I can imagine in a year or two how much the club will cop for not keeping him, but reality is he wants it all now & right now he not good enough.
Milk and deadlifts or his career is over.


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