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Joey has ruled himself out if Daley resigns. He's a soft c*** always offering he's advice and critising the way nsw plays. F*** we are in trouble if Freddy the astronaut takes over. When will we realise that great players don't make great coaches. Perfect example Wally Lewis was legend on the field but he was a shit coach.

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Gutho is a shoe in.
Ed who do you think should be the next coach ?
Gus gould he knows how to win at origin level.
Gus would be the one for sure , you could maybe have BA as defence coach .
Frank what about Toovey..? Played tough.
Toovey would be a excellent choice , knows what Origin is all about and has a bit of mongrel in him . In all honesty Daley is a halfwit , all the times he came outb6 months before origin saying how this or that player would be in the side highlighted how he has no idea , my favourite was when he came out and said he would still pick Farrah even if he was playing reserve grade.
Toovey seriously as though the rah rah is going to get NSW over the line.

We need a coach as mentioned by down the page who has tactical nouse and who can adjust a game plan when things go a tie.

You also need a guy whose going to invest in leaders when he picks his side.

Gus Gould was right nsw haven't invested in leadership on the field in years especially ones with tactical nouse.This brings me onto my next point until we do invest in the above how can you expect the next young crop of playmakers to flourish.

I just think they need someone who hates losing; and tough. Anyway we all have our views on this one. I also think the media push their little favs

 I also think the media push their little favs

BINGO, the man wins a Cigar.

That has been our problem for years - we pick on popularity, not ability to get the job done - whether it is Media or selectors faves.

NSW need to appoint an actual NRL coach, a media numb skull like Fittler is just a continuation of what they have got with that dumb doughnut Daley.

I reckon they should ditch the "can't be coach of an NRL team" rule and approach Shane Flanagan.

ANY nrl coach would be better, and better qualified, than Daley or Fittler. 

Flanagan is a great coach but ykibned a coach that knows what Origin is all about , plus their is so much pressure on club coaches these days that I doubt any of the the top coaches would put their hands up . Fittler was given the roosters job to early , he has dkne ok with the city side even though he has always had a crap side . If a cross-eyed big nosed dope like Daley was given a chance them ibcsnr see why Fittler can't get a chance .

LOL - yeah - anyone would be an improvement on Daley - maybe Fittler could pull it off . . . . . 

I seriously reckon that idiot Daley cost NSW the series this year - i've never seen such a poorly prepared and flat blues side as what was dished up in that third game...


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