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Joey has ruled himself out if Daley resigns. He's a soft c*** always offering he's advice and critising the way nsw plays. F*** we are in trouble if Freddy the astronaut takes over. When will we realise that great players don't make great coaches. Perfect example Wally Lewis was legend on the field but he was a shit coach.

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Gutho is a shoe in.
Gus gould he knows how to win at origin level.
Frank what about Toovey..? Played tough.
Toovey seriously as though the rah rah is going to get NSW over the line.

We need a coach as mentioned by down the page who has tactical nouse and who can adjust a game plan when things go a tie.

You also need a guy whose going to invest in leaders when he picks his side.

Gus Gould was right nsw haven't invested in leadership on the field in years especially ones with tactical nouse.This brings me onto my next point until we do invest in the above how can you expect the next young crop of playmakers to flourish.

I just think they need someone who hates losing; and tough. Anyway we all have our views on this one. I also think the media push their little favs

 I also think the media push their little favs

BINGO, the man wins a Cigar.

That has been our problem for years - we pick on popularity, not ability to get the job done - whether it is Media or selectors faves.

NSW need to appoint an actual NRL coach, a media numb skull like Fittler is just a continuation of what they have got with that dumb doughnut Daley.

I reckon they should ditch the "can't be coach of an NRL team" rule and approach Shane Flanagan.

ANY nrl coach would be better, and better qualified, than Daley or Fittler. 

LOL - yeah - anyone would be an improvement on Daley - maybe Fittler could pull it off . . . . . 

I seriously reckon that idiot Daley cost NSW the series this year - i've never seen such a poorly prepared and flat blues side as what was dished up in that third game...

Kram you raise a good point. We need a smart coach, and that means tactical as well as picking the right players. Issue for me is the nrl and co changed rules so origin coaches have to have played origin which is laughable tbh. Guys like Bellamy, Robinson, Flanagan and co could all have a decent shot and I know bellamy did.

Meninga summed it up best when the media were trying to present him as the "Greatest coach of all time"

"I don't coach the team. They are professionals and know what they have to do. I just keep them focused on the job."

He then had Hagan as his tactician and let it roll from there.

The other thing you will NEVER get from a Blues team is that Redneck demented parochialism of a QueeRZlander. 

You summed up my thoughts, You don't need a coach to coach these guys. You need to drive the hatred, hunger and desire in them to not stop at anything.
You then nest assistance around to help out with tactical stuff, Fittler with Johns could properly do this because there both down to earth witha bit of mongrel.
Daly is too stale and would not now how to motivate a old lady into playing Bingo at the local RSL.
gees give Tommy the job anything to get some passion back into this team.
There is a saying attitude reflects leadership.

Problem is Mitchy Bellamy was not able to get a series win either.  

The problem that NSW has is that outside of Gus's tenor there has not been any that wanted the same passion as the Maroons have had. What makes the difference between the two states goes a long way and its not just found on the RL paddock.  For years QLD have pushed the banner of the underdog, its gone on for years with the politics of the state, on each side of the void since, "don't you worry about that" Joe was in total power.

Billy Moore's  Queenslander call in the tunnel still resonates in the oracles of SOO every match and it wont change in any way at all.  How many of the QLD teams over the years have had as many so called home grown players in the team that play outside of QLD? (not forgetting the border changes for them in the past)? Many who play with NSW and Vict clubs love nothing better than "returning home" and giving it to the cockroaches, its them (no matter where they play and live) against NSW.  They turn state based hate against NSW for 3 games a year plus the gel weeks together.

This year we had a basically stable team but none showed the mongrel of hate to the opposition team that they had against the blues, to which provides NSW with nothing but the blues. None of the NSW players wanted to give it to their QLD team mates as they likely wanted to have them on deck to win this years NRL comp, but its more than likely going to be another states team that wins, the other aspect is that drummed into QLDer players is the old era of when QLD players were forced to play for NSW against their state before SOO and they never won back then.

As for coach for NSW, I would look at Dean Pay as the head coach, and bring the likes of the two Johns brothers in as tactical coaches, along with one being the water carrier that runs behind the team when in attack, doing a Qld on them as they use Langer, who had a fair football brain.

Put Pay in ASAP, when Daley makes his call, Pay has mongrel and he needs to teach and install that in all the team.


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