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How good is King Gutho, what a difference to our entire squad and inspirational player he is. Finally a captain that deserves following!

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Definitely the captain we need. He is the man to lead us!

Totally agree, Guth is a leader who is loved, respected and admired by Eels fans, rival fans and the media alike. 

Guth leads by example, walks the walk, inspires confidence, plays with passion and wears our colours with pride.

I'm looking forward to Guth being sole captain. 


So true his attitude , persona and never say die attitude is just what we needed. His many back up runs on Sunday culminated in a well deserved try. His defence was great. An inspiration.

He will lead us to a premiership(s).

All hail the King of Parramatta.

What do you mean?  Mannah got the best run metres for the past two games!  Is that not inspirational?  

Apparently not. Some even suggest the great Vave should be picked instead lol
Best run metres because he take the ball from the kick off... in saying that he played well and was good at securing the pill

Taking the kickoff is the hardest job for the prop as you've got the defence getting a good wind up and able to number up on you. There's no deception, no chance to look to offload the ball and he's going to get whacked.

Didnt he start the game on the bench? 

I don't think anybody is saying anything negative about Timmy's efforts to carry the ball. In fact I believe Timmy will continue to do the most hit-ups for the team every week without the burdsen of having to carry the captaincy onfield. Mannah can now become the off field general and face of of Parramatta as 'Club Captain". Go Timmy! 

The presser was good to watch, King Gutho answering questions and keeping it real
Totally agree, but who are the fools that sent him death thread, out of control idiots that bully others.


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