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Did the Panthers vs Storm game destroy our excuses

Excuse 1: Penalties
- panthers smashed by referee calls all first half. They hung in there and came our winners.

Excuse 2: injuries
- storm decimated by injuries and were still a competitive NRL standard team.

Excuse 3: poor ol' Brad Arthur doesn't have rep quality players at his disposal.
- storm were without there Queensland fullback, centre and five/eighth, not to mention playing with their third string halfback (probably the most important position. Despite all that they were still NRL standard.

We have no excuses. We just plain suck.

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penrith fluke trys , steal game.

The harder you play the LUCKIER you get.

Pennies made their own luck sonny and it was NO fluke they won.

I used to think that too but they do it far too often for it to be fluke or luck.
Tigers have played some great games, played some ordinary and 2 they were robbed with wins to tries from forward passes not forgetting 2 points gifted to Broncos in golden point. They beat Roosters once and second time beat by them in last 10 minutes with heavy influence from ref in Steggles favour worse than last night's first half. What I'm getting at is competition was very close anyway. Tigers were only 4 games short of finishing in 1st position get that and came 9th. That's how tight the season was. Unfortunately someone comes first and someone has to come last. I'm hoping for a Panthers vs Warriors GF which I don't think can happen. All the who ha for JT and Billy. Simon Mannering has served the Warriors just as well as have many players.
Yeah it's a close comp but we are invariably last or there abouts.
Who needs excuses? The Eels just had two winning seasons, then this year something went terribly wrong. We'll learn from it, fix it, and go back to winning next year.
Another thing apart from sacking your coach at this time Panthers have deffenently missed their captain and quality hooker Peter Wallace when he retired halfway through season. Not easily replaced.

No excuses. The Storm are the most professional side in the nrl. I’d look good playing in that system. Last night they still had Smith. Drop him into our team and we make the 8. We don’t have enough talent in the right areas. 

I kinda agree Mutts. I would love to get Smith involved in some way with our club when he retires.

The panthers can attack
We can’t
Penrith are just a better side with better players.


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