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Now be honest. Who knew David Gower would end up our best player this year? I certainly didn't. I didn't even have him in my 21 man squad. But here we are at round whatever and let's not kid ourselves, for those of us who rewatch games you'll agree Gower is our best. Strange times.

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Gower wouldn’t look out of place in a blues jersey!!!!! #gowsy4origin
Mac DG being selected in City vs Country was no fluke. His only mistake was coming to Eels.
May I add Gower was the only one who scored in the side.
Gower's a good toiler, but i doubt he'd be on minimal money which is all he's worth.

As a middle forward he doesn't add spark off the bench or bend the line.

You know you have problems when Gower's your best forward.....m

Your right on this one Chief.....I have nothing but admiration for Gower but he is a fringe forward and was retained for that reason.....it does indicate how poor our forwards are when he stands out amongst our best.

Injuries not withstanding it also shows how badly we have missed Nathan Brown.

Manu Mau' is getting back to his best is some consolation, in the side we eventually have, I would like to see forwards of Manu's class coming off the bench! Tepai is also in this class. They will be our future depth, getting the starting six is the challenge......1 Brown and then the rest, Paulo, Mahoney, Stone and two more marquee working forwards?

You’re watching a different Gower to me Chief... his footwork at the line this year has seen him run 10m+ on many hit ups, bends the line and creates offloads or QPTBs. He’s no Taumalolo and is nearing the end of his career - but credit where credit is due
Spot on mate, DG has been one our best this year , and the last few years!!! It’s just BA has had favourites, and it MAY now cost him his job!! He has assembled this team, he thiought mannah king and Alvaro, were a priemership winning front row .... Live and die by his own sword!!!

I think Gower has always been a BA favourite, that was the only reason he got a contract this year!

And Darcy Lussick was our best player last time we got the spoon. That Gower is currently one of our best tells you more about our side than anything else.
Ape is the dude on this.

100% Ape.

Nothing against Gower but if BA thinks we can go into 2019 with him in our best 17 then he clearly wouldn’t have fixed our forward issues.

Exactly right mammo and Ape.


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