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This Thursday could and should be a historic day for our club.

As hopefully, you might be aware, the revised constitutional reforms go up to vote for the Parramatta Leagues Club on Thursday night. If you are a three-year voting member, I can’t stress how important it is to get to the Novotel Hotel in Parramatta at 7pm and cast your vote.

As most of you know, constitutional reform has been the big thing I’ve been campaigning for, for the past five or six years. If these reforms go through, both the football club and Leagues club will have modern, professional constitutions that will provide the best possible platform for moving forward.

I know this is typically a dry topic, but I just wanted to simplify what these reforms mean to the club. Most simply, it’s stability and an end to the circus that has underpinned much of the chaos that I still feels characterises the club,

It should be recognised that in what was a rotten year, we at least weren’t the unprofessional circus ring that we’ve been for the last decade. The scrutiny and focus was where it should be - on the players and the coach, rather than on the various political factions all trying to make hay from the club’s misfortunes.

That said, it is time for members to get their club back. Max Donnelly should, and would, have been out of the joint by now, had it not been for the last scuppering of these reforms. When we get it back - if these reforms go through - it will be under a set of rules that mean the bi-annual election farce is a thing of the past, and the club isn’t unduly influenced by small, organised voting groups.

Can you imagine what the place would be like, if instead of these voting reforms, we’d have been in the midst of campaigning for an upcoming election. As most of you know, Parramatta elections force the club to divide behind what is inevitably two competing factions. These elections are ugly, divisive and embarrassing, and the club is inevitably pitched onto the back pages for a month as the inevitable mudslinging kicks in. And not surprisingly, many good candidates simply don’t bother for fear of getting dragged into the quagmire.

Instead, we’ll have orderly annual elections where only a couple of the board go up for re-election at anyone time, contributing stability. That will encourage good candidates to compete on their own merits, rather than having to organise into “tickets”. And candidates will have to be ticked off by a nominations committee to ensure they have the necessary business acumen to sit on the board of what is a large and important business.

I’m going to do an interview with Max on Wednesday and publish it here. If you have any questions, and please keep them in the context of the reforms, drop them here and I’ll ask them. If you have any questions/concerns about the reforms please ask here. And most importantly if you are a three-year member, or know any three-year members please ask them to get along. Otherwise, those with self-interest in getting these reforms knocked down will be the only ones turning up and the club remains stuck in this ridiculous holding pattern.

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Brad Max would not be here if the clowns that  screwed  the  club up,  your friends included had not tried to get their grubby hands on it again.

That's too easy for some to understand.

Brad, why don't you ask him, also the state government as well as he was appointed by them.

For a person of his qualifications and the role and work he had/has to do that amount of money gets him the grand total of $6616.00 per week, which is chicken feed for the work has had to do, just because he may spend one day a week at time does not come in to it as he would spend a lot of time on the road while still doing his job.

Very much in the same way as many other higher paid execs.

He’s not paid for his time, he’s paid for his experience & knowledge 

Thanks for the interest.
I will take the answer provided by Max in his published interview on board.

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE AT THE NOVOTEL HOTEL TONIGHT @ 7:00pm. You hear me, you lazy kents? I'm the laziest kent of all BUT I'M GOING TO VOTE. You want me to come pay you a visit? GET YOUR ARSES THERE OR YOU'LL REGRET IT.


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