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Who is this Anthony Mundine they speak of in this article?

What a complete moron. 'I'm better than Hayne...' yea at being a f**king wanker. 'I'm the best this country ever produced.' uh huh, better than Bradman? Better than Steven Waugh? Oh you're better than Lionel Rose? GET REAL, MUNDINE YOU MORON! I met you once and that was enough for me the way you carried on that night, pumping your hairless chest and saying 'I'm the Man...I'm the Man...'

lol . . . . I'm led to believe Choc Mundine is VERY small in the pants area :)

Seriously this guy needs to retire into the sunset and enjoy his money

He may have spent it all.

Seriously. How many dally ms did he win. Golden duck.
Why do reporters keeping asking this drop kick questions, the only fight he has won of any note is against green! That was one of the most boring fights I have seen!!! You need to disappear or at least your ego....
Garth Wood knocked him out in 5Th Round.
Wodd won the Australian version of the contender.
Wood was a winger/fullback for Souths and Balmain before taking up boxing.
Mundine did win rematch a year latter
I don't know but I sure hope he did! Talking about boxing when are you and steve hopping in the ring wiz hahaha

He's delusional, always has been. Im not sure why we're surprised he said this or why its news worthy.

The guy was a gifted footballer, but not the best and has obviously taken one too many punches to the head.

He's done his job here. People are talking about it, does he have a fight coming up or something?

Also good work Denan Kemp, love the show and hopefully now some more people start watching.
Done so much aside from learning basic English. How hard is it to string a sentence together.
Well done on not being a hater.


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