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Such exciting times for the club, we are so lucky getting this stadium built for us, even though its been a lean few decades we will be able to have something to be really proud of to go and watch our club and to play out of.

Please add your stadium pics here, thanks to all of the people who have taken these pics, especially the stadium thread on the  WSW forum where ive taken many of these pics from, thankyou to all...

Birds nest? Coliseum? WSC, WSS, Anybody got any good names?

A new pic, looks great although the amount of sponsors boxes is a bit disappointing on that side, having said that it was always in the plans, cant have everything perfect and we need to look after the sponsors and attract them, we need top shelf facilities.

Pictures, add your stadium pics lads

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To be honest I would have liked headrests and some lumbar support, maybe a cup holder. It's 2018 ffs.

Kram, i was recently at Singapore airport and we used those foot massage chairs, all done by an electronic machine; they would be good too; and maybe a Singapore Sling......i will stop there otherwise a ban may eventuate.

I'm with you Snake. Those 2 shades of grey are too depressing. But we all know that our new stadium will look abso-farkin-lutely brilliant with a sea of Blue & Gold jerseys, flags & banners on game days :)


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