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Hearing the Titans have had enough of Bryce Cartwright and are looking to offload him.
Thoughts on him as a potential signing for us?

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He has to go have year in the bush like Todd Carney did. Not for disipline reasons but to just realise how hard life is for some and start appreciating the gifts he has as a natural footy player with size.
Playing Bush footy with few blokes playing for love while holding down a job out of the limelight could turn him around.
Either that or go to England but I believe would still be pressure over there so wouldn't be as beneficial.

Don't even let him play bush footy, just give him a job making mixes and lugging bricks all day for $50k a year and he will realise real quick how good he has it.

His heart isn’t in it,he jumps out of the road when players run at him,he’s an absolute cat and wouldn’t have anything to offer us,people who think otherwise kno f*** all about rugby league or where they want the club to go

This has to be a joke yes?

No... we shouldn't... but we probably will - on a 7 year, $7m deal or something stupid like that.


Simple but funny. I laughed out loud.

Hell no


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