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Billy slater has gotten (mom) in the victory of melbourne storm v manly sea eagles. Tackles 0, tries 0, try assists 0, line breaks 0, line assists 0, metres gained 0. Melbourne coach happy the way he sat and watched on. "The way Billy injected himself with the team deserved mom", bellamy said. Now he's in line with the dally m.

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Uh huh this is getting a bit stale now. GTF over it.

Have a laugh. I couldn't put any positive into the eels. It's like my 2nd post on here. Take it easy

Yep! It’s clear as Crystal the NRL want the Storm to win back to back Premierships this year and to be the first team since the Broncos did it. The love affair the NRL have with the Melbourne Storm is beyond sickening! It’s actually destroying the game! Billy Slutter or Cameron Slutter will win the Dally M and Bellyslag will get the coach of the year! It’s already been handed to them by the NRL.

You could see his influence right from the kick off. I haven’t seen a player dominate like that since King Wally in Origin. The Dally M is Slaters already. Engrave the trophy. 

The disturbing part in this is that the disdain I held for conspiracy theories not too long ago is giving way to a growing belief that there truly is a loaded dice. 


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