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Thanks Beau, always played well

whats the point of signing anyone before june 30

You need to have 30 players by the 30th june, so we either have to sign someone or promote a young player that is currently out of the top 30.

When not injured and playing in the top side he showed the rest of the forwards how to go forward, he does not owe this club anything in fact possibly the other way round.

Would love to see him involved with the forwards somewhere, while we have a so called defensive coach a player like Scott could have an enormous influence on many of our younger players in getting them ready for the NRL.

Thanks for your input Beau.

Great career after starting as a centre became one of the toughest second rowers in the game and really changed our defence when he joined with a great attitude, line speed and tackling technique. Shame he has been injured the past year or so, but definitely a good signing, we should appoint him as our defence coach !

I wouldn't mind.

Congrats on a pretty damn solid career - but age caught up, as it does with everyone. Very tough bloke that hit hard and never backed down from a stoush. Always reminded me of that old saying re: dogs - size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight... Beau had more fight in him for his size than just about anyone. Be a better team if we had more forwards with his ticker and attitude.

Tough as nails he's a guy that provides teams foward packs with backbone.

You would be hard to find a tougher player in the last decade playing in the NRL.

All the best to him and his family.


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