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At least he can lean back here.

That looks like El Capitan if I’m not mistaken.

No fekking way id do that, my a****** is tightening just looking at it, is that a legit pic?

I can handle being up tall trees no worries but not up buildings like this, id shit myself.

Did anybody see the asian roof top climbing legend fall to his death a few weeks ago? very scary.

Definitely a legit picture mate! 

This man's hourly wage was $15.51.

Fake pics here thats for sure

No, they’re not fake pictures Shawn! 

I'm an arborist and heights are fine if you are attached to something, preferably around your waist or above your head. I think they have a safety somewhere but if they fall it's gonna be uncomfortable.
The black and white pic bloke is a lunatic.

Would you have a crack at this?


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