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Anyone think this guy could be a good option?

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I think you meant Brad Hodge. He was a good cricketer but I think he’d be a good NRL coach too

We’ve already got a halfback

The best coaches are the guys who had to work their arse off as players. Not First Grade per say but had to work work work. Best coaches in NRL barely represented. Johns or Johns? Pick Matty every time. So Luke Burt, 4sure, one day. For me, I’d prefer an Intrust guy, not an NRL assistant. For Burt, grab Wenty for a while and go from there. Chances are, he won’t leave the Coast now his family are settled.
We're you heard about that would been on Tripple J

About 12  years ago i  did

His son is a good player so getting him in assistant role could be good move.  Unsure about head coach though at this stage.  Has he had success at state cup or under 20s level?

Adrian Lam and Corney Norman ?
Imagine the video sessions ?
Homemade magic

Its a shame its not 20 years ago.
Parramatta could've rivalled Fyshwick with such homegrown talent.


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