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Anyone think this guy could be a good option?

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He’s a bit old...


For what?
A jockey strap
Halfback for PNG, 'Rest of the World', and QLD (because there were no halfbacks in queensland signed with the ARL).
What about his son

Love to see Brett Hodges as Coach and Burty assistance coach at Parra come 2020.Both great communicators and both great Parra old boys

Justin Hodges I think you mean.....but Hodges coaching Jarryd would be a disaster....they had a personal and intense dislike for each other as players....Some may say that Justin was Jarryds Biatch!

He’s talking about Brett Hodgson? Justin Hodges wasn’t a Parra old boy.
There still time for Justin Hodges to be a Parra old boy the way this club is Ron they may try and coax him out of retirement
With all these comments we arnt really getting anywhere are we.proberly needs to close it before we all die of bordem


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