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Hi all ba has called secretly up fong to delve into secret never done before cutting edge technology to get the edge over every club well done mr fong and co well done this coach should have thought this before this plan gives our players super human powers without breaking the law https://youtu.be/izZcRV1zA8k

after you have all had a laugh tell me what are your fav recipes or meals

eg: do you like sausages

i want to hear the weird and wonderful https://youtu.be/izZcRV1zA8k

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What the f*** are these blogs seriously

mr slim shady please stand up its fkn offseason

This is the offseason it’s going to get worse so get used to it
Can the real slim shady please stand up to these shit blogs
I’m a man not a rapper wannabe
Ike I said last time,rubbish like this you need a smack in the mouth
Shawn the sheep come and and try

Shawn the sheep lol!!

This is really either an (aka SnakePorn) blog under the alias of ‘feeling blue and gold balls’ or an (aka Slugg) I mean seriously who else would come up with a really dumb alias like ‘feeling blue and gold balls’ ! It’s definitely one of the ‘Chronic Dribblers’
Troll alert!!!
Chronic dribblers alert !!!


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