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Hi all ba has called secretly up fong to delve into secret never done before cutting edge technology to get the edge over every club well done mr fong and co well done this coach should have thought this before this plan gives our players super human powers without breaking the law https://youtu.be/izZcRV1zA8k

after you have all had a laugh tell me what are your fav recipes or meals

eg: do you like sausages

i want to hear the weird and wonderful https://youtu.be/izZcRV1zA8k

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Why does everyone think that we owe it to the site owner to make the site better?
You and your soiled pants mate are horribly deluded or maybe it’s just dementia setting in?
No farking idea.
Arguing with people on here is probably not the most ideal way to deal with grief.

Why should you go after Sluggy my son, he has done nothing to you to vent your angst on him.

I think you should apologise and call your little fox terrior in before he embarrasses you any further.

Now put your collar back on and I will take you for a walk!

Monto, are you trying to impersonate schizophrenic parrot?

Not like you do SnakePorn! Just as I predicted above! The termites don’t take long to back each other! Truly amazing!

DH blog again

Slugg, I’m just trying to be friendly and then you become rude and angry. I didn’t mean to touch any sensitive spots, we all have issues to deal with in our lives and I’m just offering a hand of friendship and a listening ear. I apologise if I’ve upset you in any way as definitely not intentional. Cheers hope your day gets better.
Just f*** off you low grub. Man of god my arse what a f****** joke you are you’re a disgrace and it’s about time you were told to pull your head in. I’m to old for your shitt I’ve got better things to do than play your hateful games. How’s that for rude and angry.
Slugg I really thought our friendship was for real and starting to make some progress. I seriously didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Like I said before I’m a good listener and I understand the problems in life we face and go through can make us irritated and angry. We all go through issues and problems as I’m sure your other friends Poppa Backflip and SnakePorn would agree with. Anyway, I’m here if you want to share, Slugg.

 How good is it having Coach back? His blogs and posts are something you would expect from a 7 year old. I want to know coach, do you come up with all these ideas yourself, or do friends / family help you? Whoever comes up with the stuff you post must have a huge imagination. Who on this earth comes up with a blog with a link to a video about catching and cooking an eel? 

Who is ‘Coach’ Slippery?


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