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Just thinking out loud but who would be interested in a Jamesy Special Jersey? Obviously only if Jamesy could make them and want to make them.

From what I've seen of his designs I would be willing to part with my hard earned money and if enough of us members bought one the costs would come down.

Turning up for matches in our own 1 eyed eels members Jersey would look awesome.

Is it possible? Willing to be shot down if ridiculous.  

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I'd give it a thought.
If fans started rocking up to games in jamsey's finest, Gurr may have to rethink his hoops for life statement

There use to be 1EE merchandise available several years ago. Got any old stock Phil???

Yeah I remember this merch. Tony Bongos face was on mesh underpants and arseless chaps. Don’t think they were a big seller.

I'd love it if we could wear Jamesy's jerseys. Don't forget he's meeting with the club later this month on that issue. I answered this when we originally had calls for Jamesy to make his own. Using the club logo, referencing the team and selling anything with club colours or affiliated with the NRL would open up a lawsuit against us due to infringing copyright. If we wanted to do it we'd have to get licensing rights from the club and the NRL.

Are they going to arrest you at the game or on the street and serve you with court papers?

They cant even control the thousands of fakes being sold on ebay and gumtree.

Any supporter group can use the clubs colours to do what ever they like with, just like Phil can use the colours for this site and the name eel and make his own 1EE jerseys or gear, the club and NRL cant stop people from doing that.

Use the crest-logo its a different story.

Not like theyve stopped the Florida eels or Bangkok eels

Lot easier to chase someone in Australia that they already know details of but.

Could we have stripes?

I would imagine it couldn't look like anything that the club, or the NRL would consider infringes some sort of IP, or copyright. So I'd say not.
I'm happy with what the club has come up with and have already bought the official jersey.

Agreed I am not; same here have mine now as a gift.....



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