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Just thinking out loud but who would be interested in a Jamesy Special Jersey? Obviously only if Jamesy could make them and want to make them.

From what I've seen of his designs I would be willing to part with my hard earned money and if enough of us members bought one the costs would come down.

Turning up for matches in our own 1 eyed eels members Jersey would look awesome.

Is it possible? Willing to be shot down if ridiculous.  

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Fong was actually in the original Animal chin movie as the little skateboarding asian kid pulling off kick flips in the background, he was in the jr bones brigade, also related to Christian Hosoi.

Minimum order 10000 Frankie

Bwahahahaha gold, love it Dan, fong will order the 1000 for himself.


Will it come with a free pair of white pants ?

feel free to use any of these, just have to change the logo's and sponsors. I'm sure Dan can create an original cool looking 1eyed eel logo for it.


I Am In  Guys lets get this happening

Count me in!


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