The Oscars controversy

So every year i watch the oscars from start to finish and predict the winners as i am an avid movie fan and keep up to date with the actors and awards, knowing majority of actors and their wins off by heart but simply recognising them. Some may say it is stupid and that is fair but i love the prestige of saying that is an Academy Award winning actor, that is a two time Academy Award wining Director, that is a three time nominated actor so on and so forth.

Will Smith is an actor i appreciate, he is talented. With the names in the Best Actor category and seeing King Richard my thoughts were Will Smith deserves the win, i preferred Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick, Boom.... But Smith was deserving also, as where Denzal Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch and Javier Bardem all excellent performances. But was happy to see Smith get it as it was more of a achievement award more than for that lone performance no matter how good it was.

However, the elephant in the room and might sound unpopular to some but surprisingly not as unpopular as i thought i would be upon comments on social media. Will Smith was in the wrong by how he reacted on Chris Rock and should have been removed from the arena. What he did was assault, Chris Rock is not going to press charges but in the state of California both parties do not need to agree in order for a charge to be given. Was what Chris Rock said bad? well depends, if he knew about her condition and still did the joke an argument can be made it is bad, however he did not necassarily say about her condition and more so about no hair. So Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, has alopecia and the joke made was Rock looked at Jada Smith and said "G. I. Jane 2, cannot wait" i paraphrased. As people familiar to G. I. Jane she went bald as a part of the movie. What i am aiming at is Rock could have linked to this simply no hair equals choice and G. I. Jane, if he actually said something about losing or growing hair then it is a little different.

To make matters even more confusing, Smith was laughing at the joke while Jada in the same shot rolled her eyes in disgust (which is fair for her to do), which cuts to Rock laughing then from a roar from the crowd i shows Smith walking towards Rock and slaps him (looked staged how awkward he looked hitting him) then cut to Smith cussing him out. Now could say Smith was awkward laughing then realised he was over it? Or he saw his wife's face and realised "oh this offended her". Was Smith in the wrong to be furious? of course not he had every right to be, the issue is how he dealt with it, he has now made it look acceptable to people who idolize him to hit those who offend you which is not the case. His speech made sense but was too hard trying to justify what he did, his apology though sounded fine was shallow in the overall context as he tried to save himself from it.

This will not bode well for Smith who in recent years went from box-office draw to doing above average films to doing poor films forcing studios to cast his children in films he produced. Even Jaden his son was being looked at as Miles Morales who is a black spider-man, this could ruin his chances as his name and the name of his family has taken a hit as there are people out here who will never watch another movie of his due to what happened.

Sorry it is getting long but need to get this out there, even years ago Jada and Will did an interview explaining their relationship and how rocky it was, to the point Jada admitted she had an affair while they took time apart (sort of separation but not really) with a 21 year old and she loved it, you can tell how embarrassed and hurt Will looked, yet Jada was laughing and smiling about it and she was praised (all i can say is imagine if Will did that? being a man he would have been scrutinized). Not saying this justifies her being made fun of but it seems Will is insecure of himself and how Jada sees him. Prompting him to possibly react that way to gain her acceptance? Anyway it is crazy, even more so than when La La Land won best picture, then having the producers give their speeches to then be told it was a mistake and Moonlight won.


Another thing that has been brought up is how this has been seen in relation to one black man hitting another. So much commentary about black rights in america and George Floyd (Do not even get me started) and they do this to make it look stupid for the black community there have been numerous black commentators mention their concern on how this looks and i understand it.

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  • Oh no, not another essay!

  • ''every year i watch the oscars from start to finish'' lol youve got massive problems LB.

    This was all over the infadelity in their relationship.

    All of hollywoods been talking about it foir years, his wifes got plenty of other partners, people call Will a cuckold over it, she wears the pants and feks whoever she likes.

    Rebel Wilson made the joke at a awards night not long ago, that they were at ,about all her boyfriends, Will was aparently dirty about it, so its all been building up to a big blow up.

    His ego got the better of him and he took it all out on Rock.

    It was a pathetic bitch slap oozing feminine energy, he should be ashamed of himself, too much nose candy for Will, ego has got out of control.

    He's filthy that his mrs is banging anybody she wants to, hes embarrassed everybody knows and is the talk of the town, he feels like a lesser man.

    This has all been brewing for a while.

    How do i know this? i read about it yesterday after trying to figure out why he reacted like that, there had to be more to the story.

    Will and his mrs are not really liked and are the butt of all jokes in hollywood.

    Wills manhoods hurt, he was trying gain control of the narrative and make a big stement doing it, it was a massive fail.

    • Snake, you have hit the nail on the head. Smith is a little bitch. He laughed at the joke initially and then he saw that piece of work, his mrs, roll her eyes and give him the look, so his fragility, his trodden on ego, exploded and he acted out to prove to his bitch of  a mrs that he is the man and has her back. Then he hits Rock like a little bitch, what an absolute turd this bloke is. 

      • it was embarrassing to watch MB, especially how he walked off so smug, he really exposed himself big time.

        What a feminine bitch slap, you either punch a guy or do nothing, what sort of a cat slaps another guy then thinks hes tough?

        Too much coke and piss, ego too big, wants to make up for being a cuck.

        What sort of man lets his mrs fuck other guys and be the boss lol?

        • This reply was deleted.
          • I slapped a guy and two teeth went flying out his mouth. If you want to embarrass someone you slap, it gives them an opportunity to fight back or prove they are a coward and back down. If you king hit someone then you are automatically in the wrong (unless it's a pedo, free Cain Velasquez).

        • This reply was deleted.
          • Mclovin courageous? Lol,lol, lol. You need a dictionary and learn what courageous means. It would have been brave if he tried that on with the Rock not little Chris Rock. 

          • Courageous could end up costing him millions... plain stupid is what it was. 

  • Something that has been lost in all of this nonsense between Smith and Rock was this was the first time the Oscars had been directed by a black director and produced by a black production company (i.e. owned and operated by preominantly African Americans).

    My wife was very dismayed about this incident because, as she put it, "it hurt the cause" considering the Academy has not traditionally embraced diversity.

    • That probably explains why he got away with it.

This reply was deleted.

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