Is this the worst England side this century?

Let's face it, England has not been a true test cricketing power for decades. Their brief flurry of Ashes wins from 2009-2013 coincided with all of Australia's legends retiring and even then, those series were still competitive.

And that little period of Ashes wins came to a shuddering end when England got smacked 5-0 in 2013/14. They won another competitive series at home in 2015, before getting belted 4-0 in 2017/18 then Australia retained the Ashes in Britain in 2019. 

Australia is on the precipice of another 5-0 whitewash.

If England fail to win a test in this series, it will be over a decade since they have managed a single test win in Australia.

In previous Australian series, England has been competitive to an extent.

In 2013/14 they regularly had Australia four or five down for not many, but Steve Smith and Brad Haddin dragged the side out of the fire.

England also couldn't cope with Mitchell Johnson in some of the greatest form ever seen in test cricket.

2017/18 had a drawn test and was another summer of Steve Smith brilliance.

Even the 5-0 of 2006/07 had the Adelaide test which went down to the fifth day.

But this series, Australia isn't really a great side. They lost at home last summer to India and didn't play an away test series.

However, England have been diabolically bad. They've had massive batting collapses for little reason. The bowling has been good, but not unplayable.

A lot of dismissals have come from waving the bat at wide deliveries, or brain snaps when trying to belt Nathan Lyon out of the attack.

It's been comically bad and highlighted by the fact that the third highest run scorer for England in 2021 was Extras.

Joe Root is about the only good thing going for England. The other batters have put up meek resistance save Dawid Malan and their bowling unit has been unable to string multiple good sessions together.

Is this the worst England side we've seen in the past 20 years.

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  • I agree, previous England sides that would be beaten would have a centurion, would put up the odd decent 300+ total and make a game of it.

    I see the media roasting Root's captaincy but how can you blame a guy when his batsmen don't know one end of the bat from the other. Stokes was supposed to be the X- factor but he's been terribly poor with both willow and ball.

    I'd say if anything England were badly prepared. You usually need at least 2-3 warm up games either against a Shield side or a Australia B team to get a feel for the wickets but white ball cricket has killed prep games.

    We're pummelling them and Steve Smith is not in form. That or he can't be arsed if there's no crisis to address. I can't ever remember beating and England team within 2 days and half a session. Extraordinary.

    I truly believe their confidence is completely shot and they are simply thinking of going home as soon as possible. They all hate being here with their press hacking away at them and the Aussie press and media taking the piss.

    If there's another thing they miss is nastiness. I reme the last series we won 5-0 pure hatred was coming from MJ, Siddle and Clarke. Our players were done with the smartass sarcastic comments and started bullying the Poms like never before.

    Aus under Langer are in a much better place than when Boof resigned after sandpaper gate. The bowling stocks are pretty rich whilst thanks to Jofra Archer bouncing Smith, we found Marnus who is an anchor and a half.

    The true Test though will be India in India. I can't wait for that series. England are ranked like 5th-6th at the moment. I expect 5-0 unless the weather has it's way. England can barely post 200.

  • Yes worst ever. Their best bowler is nearly 40 they have one test standard batsmen in their entire line up and their all rounder - who admittedly can play - has broken down and will never be the player he was because he was over bowled. Rubbish spinner, shit keeper pathetic openers yep worst ever English test team. They haven't got any decent long format players any more. 

  • Sorry - not for me; i have seen worse come out. Yes their batting isn't great, but their bowling is ok for me.

    I think you need to look at it in two ways; batting and bowling (fielding). Their fielding has been poor, which has hindered them immensely.

    I am also of the view that our batting is reliant on a couple of players, thus being Warner, Labuchagne and Smoth, whereas the Poms have Root and Stokes (mind you he's been out for a while and is a champ on his day). I think our batting is a bit brittle at times, and the poms with Jofra could have seen a different outcome.

    To me their batting has been poor.....and their bowling could have been better with catches being held.

    If the Poms picked their best bowling / different bowling and held their catches we could have seen a different first 3 tests. I am not saying they may have won but it could have been tight, hence Adelaide.


  • The'74 / '75 English side had it worse. They had to facr Lillee and Thompson bowling at their fastest.

  • Joe Root is a average captain with a great batting average, rarely does he take the game to the opposition - have to feel for the bowlers especially leach the field settings scream a captain hell bent on not losing instead of winning. The other abvious point is not taking half chances and they lack that aggression  simply going through the motions. I love watching the aussies hammer the poms but I equally love a contest, this Aussie team doesnt look threatening on paper but have smashed the poms - the sydney test is of good stardard but the overall series has been flat and disappointing 

    • I think that England were up against it from the beginning, what with covid, who wanted to come, families etc..... in saying that I cannot imagine why they would want to get home other than seeing loveones.

      This Australian side is an interesting one, we have a skipper who is on the way to being an alltime great, the best batsman of his era in Smith who is second to Bradman on the all time list, a spinner in Lyon who is arguably the best offspinner we have ever produced and to cap it all an emerging all rounder who I think has the capacity to be Australia's greatest all rounder ever and that role probably rests with Miler, Davidson and Benaud. We also have the best depth I can remember in our fast bowling stakes with a line up that seems to have a half dozen Test level players. Throw in Marnus L as a future batting great (already ranked 1 in the world) and maybe an emerger with Head now he has learnt to temper his offside play somewhat.

      Warner and Stark and Heazlewood all measure up statisically with most Test class era's.

      Maybe we have been a bit harsh on the Brits, Mick's comment's were true the half chances weren't taken and the division that seemed to exists over two of the all time great English fast bowlers was baffling to say the least.

      At home in England it may be the Brits will be a lot more competitive, after all we still don't want them improving too much LOL.

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