We only have two negatives

Aside from obvious, our goal kicker being out we only have two negatives at the moment.

1 - right side edge defence, and

2 - there is a massive, absolutely massive gap between the quality of our starting middles and our bench middles.


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  • For once we made an adjustment mid game though and the second half defence was much better. Kaufusi is ok, Nikoure can be much better, Maka has got to go don't know what Wiremu has done but huge body could tire people out quick with hard running and hard to tackle, with the last bench spot I think Carty needs to be there and needs a bit more game time. Carty would of had zero minutes tonight if Matto didn't go off for HIA

  • Agreed.

    1. I think Marata has to start on the right edge to steel up it up with Papa off the bench. I'd also consider swapping Penesini with Opocic - maybe do both. Bunnies will kill us down that side. 

    2. I don't know. Maybe try one of the young bucks out that people keep mentioning. Maka in particular has had his time. I think Kaufusi is average, but he does some handy things too. Maka is just a plodder. 

    Anywhooo - thats enough negatives. Tonight was a great win and I'm thrilled our guns stood up. D Brown and Guth, take a bow. 

  • There is also a big drop when Matto goes off!  He is playing the best I've seen him play right now and compliments Paulo and RCG!

    I hope he is ok for Souffs??

  • I don't understand why BA doesn't give Ogden a run over either makatoa or kaufusi.  He tried to sign taupau and then klemmer which is acknowledging our bench middles aren't offering enough. 

    • Same, Ogden needs to get a run.

    • Every coach has their blindspot, this is BA's.

      Knowing when to pull the trigger.

  • Agree Nitram, when RCG and Jr stints are done our go forward and momentum drops off a cliff..we definitely need a bigger body and metre eater like Ogden to be in the 17. Maka is not offering enough off the bench to be included in the 17.

  • Makatoa and Kaufusi out.

    Greig and Ogden in.

  • Definitely agree with you there..

  • It's probably the reason why they went after Tapau he'd be awesome give him 15-20 minute stints each half he brings it even though I thought Jnr and RCG came over the top of them in the end.Imapct Tapau would have been great.

    Edge defense I think they stop coming foward and wait until the opposition are deep into the line it's got to be more up and out for me.It's a tough one that but it's good as we are going to get more practice next week as we have a even bigger threat to combat in South's who do much the same.

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