More of the same next year

Same coach, same assistants, no Fergo or Lussick, and  no new signings. Is it just me or will we finish around the same spot next year or worse? I wish I had TCTs confidence. One  final question. How the hell have the dogs squeezed all these new signings into the salary cap? 

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  • All will be revealed in the fullness of time. Be at peace 

    • I hope you're right!!!

      • Wait until Semi signs with the Roosters

        • If this comes to pass i suggest that us good folk from 1EE pass 'round the collection plate, then spend it on getting Semi whacked.

          Yes, it is a bit spiteful, but it would serve as a warning to others


  • Firstly, you're not taking into account internal improvement, which was always going to be more important than recruitment this year.

    As for the Dogs, they've stripped back their cap this season, they've turned over nearly half their roster, and besides, who have they really signed ?

    Matt Burton, a guy they've signed to play 5/8, but hasn't played there in nearly a year. But OK, at least they he can play in the centres if nothing else.

    JAC, great finisher, but he won't have Munster, Papenhuysen & Olam setting up tries for him.

    Brent Naden, decent player, but has barely played a game in two years.

    TPJ, talented but undisciplined.

    Paul Vaughn, handy more than great these days

    Matt Dufty, talented but contact shy

    It's a lot of froth and bubbles rather than actual improvement. I'm betting that of those, only Matt Burton & JAC will still be there in 3 years time.

    • " Firstly, you're not taking into account internal improvement, which was always going to be more important than recruitment this year." 


      Bretto you said the exact same thing before a ball was kicked this season when I said we lacked a genuine rep level game breaker. As I said then , you also get internal decline. 

      • We don't have the money to buy a game breaker in the spine unless we let Gutho go and a good forward around 400k go (perhaps Lane). That frees up around 1.2M for 2 spots which can be spent on the game break and a bottom dollar contract.

        Personally, I am with Brett and think we can reach that level to win the premiership with the squad we have. We need to make sure we our fit come finals time. If you look at the last 4 remaining this year, none of them had key players missing for the finals.

        Our spine needs to continue to develop. We have Reed who was our best player along side Papa to start the year. He was bound to play origin before getting injured. Despite the hate Moses gets, he is really developing into a good halfback. People argue that he provided no attack against Panthers but you have to realise that Panthers were strongly focusing on him. They are already the best defensive side in the NRL. Then you have to see we had no threat at dummy half so panthers could focus their defenders elsewhere. Gutho was playing injured and was no real threat. Papa was in the middle where he has less X-factor in attack. Lastly, Dylan has not hit the level where he can create tries by himself. So really Moses had to carry the attack big time. Anyway for next year, Gutho just needs to do his role and not overplay his hand. Importantly, Dylan is the one who needs to really find a couple of extra gears to help our attack.

      • Wiz but it could be said the team was better than it was last year we may have finished in the same spot but the team is in a better state than it was last.

        8-6 to the reigning premiers were we that close to the premiers last year not even close.

        Bretts right on a more serious note I've been on this like a broken record but thee improvement will come from the spine playing more and more together,growing as a group.The idea you go to market and look for the magic bullet is a failed narrative.

        If Parra can find another signing like Papali'i in the midst of this to help the roster great.But I'm more worried about retention of talent that's the key to this off season keeping the band together.

        • Agreed Coryn.

          We actually improved our attack significantly this year to last year. Last year we scored a pretty poor 3.4 tries a game and this year we upped it to a much more respectable 4.1 tries a game.

          Our defense stayed stable conceding 2.9 tries a game in both seasons.

          For reference, in 2019 in a slower ruck speed, we scored 3.9 tries a game and conceded 3.3 tries a game.

          So in 2020 our defense improved (that's why we made top 4) but our attack went slightly backwards.

          In 2021 our attack improved again to even better than 2019 and we maintained our tough defense.

          It's a pretty good improvement, if we could concede even less it would put us in a strong top 4 position.

          Defense is the ticket to the top 4 and often premierships. Panthers were the best defensive team, but not the best attacking one.

          • Too many highlight watchers around here.

            Defense for the most part wins championships in most sports.

            The best thing about us we have a game good enough to win big games.

            Our foward pack can go toe to toe with anyone all we need is the finishing touches and that's the spine.

            For me this team as it is has a 2-3 yr window before you reload it with different ideas and talent.Like you mention keep tweaking and looking for those small gains that get us over the top.

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