Josh Hodgson linked with stunning one year deal

So apparently Hodgson is being courted by Newcastle to replace Brailey for 2022, which makes sense, though if it is true if i was Parramatta i would only allow him to play for us in 2022 if not Canberra, ideally i would rather him start rd 1 than Mahoney (petty i know but he made his choice and he can go) but if Canberra would be willing to release him in 2022 i would be grabbing him now and start as quickly as possible with him having an input in our future hookers and developing them, having him for 2022 would give us 2 good years with him with 24' expected to be a decline in performance. I would not want Hodgson going to Newcastle and getting hurt, yes he can get hurt playing for Canberra but he is contracted with them and has been for years, rather him get hurt for a team he is still contracted too then on a loan with another team who only want him for that set time.

Hodgson was set to leave for 2022 before Tom Starling decided to be an idiot and get charged by police but Canberra currently have the issue of wanting to start Starling to keep him happy as he is there future but not wanting to have 800k of their cap on the bench playing roughly 25-30mins or less a game, would not be surprised if that is an ultimatum set by Starling when discussing an extension in wanting to start for 2022. Now he has this charge over his head who knows when it is resolved meaning Hodgson is valuable to Canberra until Starling is cleared, if he is not and is stood down then Hodgson is their hooker for 2022.

Now if Newcastle wanted this deal done, Canberra obviously have final say due to him still having a contract in place, regardless of future he is a Canberra player until minimum after the GF of 2022, so if we mentioned we do not want him going to Newcastle, Canberra obviously will overrule and allow him to go if they want to. Thought this all hinges on Starling, is he going to be allowed to play round 1? will there be a cloud over his head for most of 2022 of possible stand down? 

Then comes the other part, if Hodgson is allowed to leave early, do we take him early? and if we do will Canterbury take Mahoney early? I think Canterbury would love to take Mahoney early though the issue might be can they fit him in the cap? possibly not but his current salary is half of what he is getting with Canterbury from 2023 anyway so perhaps they could fit him in. Yes give Bulldogs Mahoney battered and bruised as a "here you go enjoy" from us and that is why people say keep him in spite, but Canberra (or this case Newcastle) could do the same to someone much more older and fragile and we could be screwed ourselves. Yes if Starling is stood down, that leaves Hodgson as the only logical 9 at the club so you would not want to run him into the ground for seasons sake, or they could as it doesnt affect their future, if they're nearly out of finals contention by mid year they may screw it let's try and go for a last ditch effort and leave Hodgson on for full 80mins stints week in week out that is plausible and will be surprising if Hodgson comes out unscaved.

Ideally i would rather get Hodgson in ASAP and with Rein and perhaps Hands and in 2023 Matt Arthur (it's inevitable, just have to accept it and hope for the best) we can look after Hodgson and preserve him to get the most out of his 2023/24 seasons rather then get him battered and bruised have him play some of 2023 and retire for 24' and have Hands and Arthur thrown to the fire. Granted Hodgson could very well be in line with the club if he is retired by 2024 to help Hands and Arthur but it is even better having them eased in for 2 years under him then in 2025 take over as a starting 9, more so for Matt Arthur being so young it will be better for him to be a 14 in 2024 under Hodgson then take the reigns in 2025.

But what does everyone else think? Let him go to Newcastle and see if he performs? do we want him ASAP at our club or are we content on Mahoney for the year and run the risk Hodgson is ran into the ground from Canberra?

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  • Fair point LB, and i guess it all depends on Canberra. I would like to see him arrive early, but mind you he would not have had much time in the off season to form relations with set plays and the halves, but he would be great to get, and yes i have no issue with Mahoney going early if all the cards fell that way.

    By the way, Matt Arthur is a v good player from what i have seen in junior reps, and yes its a hige step up into reserves and NRL, so lets give him time.

    • Well you see both him and Jakob made reps, now as far as i see it BA has no say on whether they make reps or not so the selectors must pick them because they at least decent.

      Though yes Hodgson would not of had much time with our halves, but he is very experienced and doubt it will take him long to adjust and slowly out his own spin on the game plan as the season goes, compared to someone like say Liddle moving early his experience will effect him for us, Hodgson can develop, playing for England with halves he has never played with or hasn't played with in years and yet does pretty well. So i am not concerned with that.

      • LB  agreed LB, he has nothing to do with these selections; and he has proven a thing or two.

        I know we are talking hypotheticals here, but as you say Hodgson would not take long to get into the groove, albeit i cannot it see it occurring, but if i had the choice, done!

    • wash yoour mouth out mitchy 😂

      how dare you say an arthur is good - you will be lynched 

      •  Very true DR . It's good to see freedom of speech still exists here after last seasons  repetition of nepotism allegations which were  often full of hatefulness as well towards the Arthur's . ..... Well said LB and Mitchy . 

      • Da Rock I know mate, ha, i have seen him play and take away his name; and he is going to be ok.

  • We would have our Hands full of hookers. We don't reed that many. Got to rein it in somewhere.

    • Nice 

      • I am glad someone else gave it some love conduit, I thought it was pretty good.

  • Everyone seems to think we can just push Mahoney off to the Dogs now and get Hodgson. Like that deal just operates inside a vacuum. It doesn't and doing so is probably going to be incredibly difficult given most teams will have set their salary caps almost in stone by now.

    To do what is being suggested, we'd have to convince Canberra to release Hodgson which isn't a guarantee because of Tom Starling's court case, we'd have to convince the Dogs to take Mahoney and pay his salary which, given their cap situation isn't probably feasible, and then we'd have to ensure that the differences in Mahoney's pay and Hodgson's pay doesn't put us over the cap while still having to sign another player into the top 30.

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