As the title says, it was just on the news that Joey has been given permission to coach the halves again on the training field. He was seen coaching onfield today. There has been some queries in this regard so I thought I would let you know incase you didn't see it. Get those halves going Joey.

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  • Pheeeew!

    Well, premiers  we  will  be.

  • C'mon Joey 

  • Joey keeps saying in commentary that there is a good player in Jai Field, well hopefully he can find it.

    • field is a good player 

      • Maybe he's been seeing Ian Roberts?


    • His strength is his straight line speed, last week he went sideways to hook up with Jenko a dozen times, but he simply doesn't have the ballplaying skill in him. He needs to take a leaf out of Mitch's book and run at right angles to the defensive line. Speed equals power, even in smaller players.

      Run straight at the gaps, pull your shoulders through, land on your knees, get quick PTB's, push up in support, OR move the ball immediatley.

      That's got to be Field's game.


  • Well he has been critical of Moses, so now he has the opportunity to fix the problems.

  • In all honesty, our attack was bloody good prior to COVID and straight after but since then the reports seem to suggest Joey was only able to have some assistance by relaying messages through a fence or something and not too regularly either. If he can get more hands on and get our attack somewhat back to where it was in the early part of the season would be a good start going into the finals.

  • Run direct Mitch!!!!! 

    • I think he's at least been trying that a little the last couple of weeks. The first 30 against the Warriors was good and there were intermittent glimpses of it against the Broncos, but obviously not enough. Earlier in the year when he was taking on the line he was very dangerous - how much, if at all, the calf injury is hampering that is a guess. I don't actually mind him going sideways at times, but only if he does take the line on once or twice first - you can then run sideways as you've got the defence on the backfoot and utilise inside and outside runners and players in motion, but unfortunately, that has been lacking lately too. Hopefully Johns can get the whole show sorted out.

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