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Eels vs Raiders 3, 2, 1

Great comeback win and very much a mirror of our season. Poor first half but fantastic second half. But more importantly it's the first tight one we've won all year. Definitely something to build on.

3. Moses

2. Mahoney

1. Ferguson

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  • Evans



  • 3. Kane evans

    2. Moses

    1. Mahoney

  • 3. Wighton

    2. Gutho



    • Wighton was outstanding 

    • Yeah his hands let him down but he worried me everytime he held it. It's an off night. Its a lot easier to see how a bloke is going when he's up against the side you follow. For mine he gets the 6 jersey for NSW and Mitchell comes back in. 

      • He lifted in the second half well and that try of his was one of our best all year. But that kick early in the count with five to go was pretty shabby. I’m glad for him, and us,that raiders didn’t make the most of that possession - coz it was purely a rush of blood to the head. Did nothing to enhance  his poor decision skills in critical moments making once  again though!

      • I reckon Pearce and Maloney. Pearce is a completely different bloke to the guy a few years back. He's honestly been the most valuable player to a team in the entire league, dally m form

        • Townsend and Maloney, Pearce unfortunately will get stage fright just like Walker. The only reason Pearce is playing good footbal this year is because he knew he wasnt going to play origin.

        • I reckon Pearce missed 100 tackles tonight 

        • FMD every fkn year come origin all the Pearce fanboys in the media and public say same shit , he has matured , learnt from previous years , he is ready etc

          can everyone get it in their thick heads he is a very very good club player but he is NO origin player 

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