• Nah their line speed was either the best this year of any team or they were offside a lot. Hard to tell on tv. It's hard to find much more in attack in such circumstances.

    • It was almost unbelievable linespeed. They didn't get pinged for it though, so maybe it was just a phenomenal effort.

      When we were beaten by the Saints in the same way they were offside all game though.

      • Josh Hodgson must be faster than Damian Cook if he was onside. He was meeting our guys virtually at the ruck.

    • Great point Nitram! They kept that line speed up all night as well. The ref last night (gee) allows them to move up a lot quicker n the play the ball than others. That said it went both ways from what I saw

  • I think criticism of the coach is warranted here - we should have gone for a few early spreads or run in pairs

    but our lack of cohesion is the reason we lost and we can only hope it returns with Moses return 

    • As Gus said during the Panthers game.. we play too conservative coming out of our own end where theres oppotunities to spread a little more... and we play too expansive in the opposition 20 where we should be powering throgh the middle more. He's 100% right and it doesn't take the highest of footy IQ's to work that out. BA cant work it out though. It's all abbout 80 mins of chasing collisons and front loading our effort.

  • But a good team would find a way to counter it. 

  • Chase the collision and no mistakes wins you a few but not enough in the long run.


  • It's a simple game plan that will burn our forwards out and end BA coaching career 

  • All 6 agains were for ruck infringements. Nothing for offisde. So eels should fo taken some advatange like raiders did. 

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