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2020- Who do we re-sign?

Eels have a ridiculous amount of players off contract for next season. Huge decisions need to be made about which players need to be retained, and who to let go. Here is my take on the players


1. Clint Gutherson

Clint has only been an outstanding player the last couple of seasons. His tireless work ethic is incredible, and really shows on the pitch. He always is in support on line breaks etc. All things all members on this site already know. Reports suggest he is in negotiations with Eels now, but is waiting for knowledge on next seasons coach and a sound offer from Parramatta to re-sign. Gutho is crucial. A leader and a workhorse, the type of player every team needs. Even though he has a bad injury record (completely out of his control), hes definately playing at a level worthy of a big contract


2. Mitchell Moses

Moses came into Eels in 2017, and showed instantly his capabilities and potential. This was a major part of us reaching the top 4. Last season, he never seemed to click with Norman. So far this season, his leading of the attack has been brilliant, with Brown/Salmon also playing a fantastic supporting role. Give it a bit, but if this form keeps up, also a definate player to keep. Also, nobody off-contract at the end of this season worth signing above him.


3. Tim Mannah

Tim has been very consistant coming off the bench this season. Also a tireless worker while on the field, and has been loyal to Parramatta for a long time. Definately worth a 1 year deal


4. Brad Takairangi

I like Brad Takairangi. I really do. But he's definitely under pressure this season. Lots of great off-contract centres, and Eels juniors challenging his for a spot constantly. From what the Eels have shown, hes fits in with the side well, and work well with the team. It will all come down to peformances this season


5. Michael Jennings

Is this the same Michael Jennings as last season? Scored a double twice already this year, and has been fantastic. Worth a new deal on current form, and has ample experience. Definately not on the same high pay as this season, but would be a great player to continue seeing in an Eels jersey. However, same as Taka, Eels have some juniors, Salmon especially, coming for his spot. 


6. Matt McIlwrick/Kaysa Pritchard

Should only keep one of these lads. Kaysa gives it his all, which is fantastic to watch, but not sure if he will continue with league with all his injury woes. Haven't seen much of Matt McIlwrick, so can't really comment on him, but we only really need one back-up hooker. Mahoney is fine as an 80 minute hooker.


7. Daniel Alvaro

Always seems to be improving. Still only 25, so has years in him. Definately a good option to keep.


8. Andrew Davey

Never watched him. Can't comment here.


9. Bevan French

Loads of talent, but seems to be rejected into Wenty. Had a blinder last week though. Would love to see him starting at another club though, because a player of his talent deserves it. Is still a handy player to have though.


10. David Gower

Hard working and consistant. Coaches dream. Fox says hes not re-signing, but would love to keep him round.


11. Josh Hoffman

He hasn't really his his stride at Parramatta. Similar to Bevan, handy backup option, but would be nice to see him as a starter elsewhere


12. Oregon Kafusi.

Young and looks like good potential. Keep the lad.


13. Greg Leleisiuao

Apparently a gun and star of the future. I've got no clue really about his ability. Lots of wingers at Parra, all good for competition, but would hate to get in the way of his future. 


14. Manu Ma'u

Love his agression. He's been a brilliant player for a number of years at Parra. Last season and the start of this, injuries have crippled him. Also, Eels have a number of second-row stocks coming through the ranks. If he can get back into it without injuries, definate re-sign. Lets hope he does.


15. Tepai Moeroa

He's still 23. Been playing well, and has so much potential for future seasons. Seems like hes been around forever. Has really found form these first couple of games, and on the back of that, warrants getting a new contract. Has had loads of concussions though, so Eels will need to make sure he stays healthy, for his sake more than anything.


16. Marata Niukore

Been playing brilliantly, and hes young. Keep. 


17. Peni Terepo 

If he can keep his off field actions in check, hes a keep. Big body, and he runs hard. No longer the butterfingers we used to make fun of. Has been a good player for us when he plays.


18. Ray Stone and Stefano Utoikamanu

Both young, but I haven't seen a lot of them. Could be good to keep, but I am not sure.


Coach- Brad Arthur

This is so form based. Wooden spoon last year, but he did such a brilliant job in 2017. Seems to have a great connection to the team, including our captain, Gutho. If he can keep up this form, he is a 100% to re-sign. If we go back to 2018 form, I think he will be gone. He's definately got the coaching ability in him. He got us through a salary cap scandal completely out of our control, and made us a much better team with good siginings. The players he has signed this year have been fantastic so far, and have been key to our victories.


What are your thoughts? Is this right? What have I missed out? 


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  • Gutho & Moses are must resigns.

    Kaufusi Nuikore I want to see more of I’m keeping both of these guys.

    Ma’u Taka Terepo Moeroa Alvaro MJennings I’d sign to short term 1-2 year max type deals.

    I want to see more juniors given a shot so I keep Salmon in the mix also.

    Also hope they give BA an extension.The players have responded to what he’s selling and his off season the team looks light and day better than it did this time last year.

  • I think this season is going to be different from a few past years.  Not sure if a certain style of team will be dominant .  The issue is how do we build a team that can combat great defensive teams like storm. Roosters and sharks .  Different sizes , different shapes and play to the line type of halves .  

    Gutho is no 1 .  The current pack is improving .  But we need an elite centre , a wrecking ball forward and a clever front rower . 

    • James Roberts will be on the market but is chasing big dollars. Personally I’m not a fan but he is a rep centre.

      • too many off field issues - no thanks

      • We currenty have in place a no d*ckheads sign outside the club .He carries the flag.

        A player who's supposedly in rehab for an injured achilles is on the piss. No thanks. You don't fix your injuries getting sh*tfaced carried by your mates.

      • I can tell he isn't leaving the Broncos, they've already started negotiations with his management.

        • Brett, you said the same thing about Josh Maguire. In fact stating that he had just signed a new contract with the Broncos - where is he playing now? Roberts and TPJ will not be there next year I can assure you. 

          • And that was information I was given at the time, just as this is the information I have been given regarding Roberts.

            McGuire moving to the Cowboys was very much a last second decision, it pretty much came out of nowhere.

            That’s not to say the Broncos aren’t pissed with him, they are, but I’d very surprised if they cut him loose based on the info I’m privy too.

            • I heard that Siebold told Maguire he would be playing a much simpler role within the team going forward (remember how he was practically first reciever at the Broncs half the time last year - it was wierd) and the discussion didn't go well. There was a blow up and basically Maguire spat it and there ended up being a mutual parting of ways. Rightly or wrongly Maguire felt that he had been disrespected.

              Dunno how accurate that is, but I heard it from a former Panthers player who is still close to alot of blokes still playing or not long retired..

            • All good Brett I guess we will have to wait and see but yeah I’ve been told that neither player will be at the Broncos beyond this year. It has no real bearing on us because I doubt either would be heading in our direction.

              I liked your comments in this blog about  ongoing retention. Based on the trial against the panthers I thought Takarangi should be let go but he seems to have found a turn of speed since the regular season has kicked off. 

              Maybe there was some good come out of the internal review?

              PS. Please accept my apologies for stirring you over the last few years. I have tried to do so in as polite way as possible. I have enjoyed it but will refrain from now on.

This reply was deleted.

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