• Jul 2, 2022 from 7:35pm to 10:35pm
  • Location: Accor Stadium, Sydney
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It's been five years since we've beaten the Rabbits at Accor (R26, 2017; 22-16).

We have lost 6 of the last 7 against the Rabbits that have been our second biggest boogey (after the Roosters) since 2014.

It wouldn't surprise me if we see a much-improved Rabbits' looking to make a statement. Up for the fight. Up for atonement after their embarrassing 12-32 loss at WIN stadium away against the Dragons. The Rabbits can also drop out of the eight (again) if they lose. They have been able to bounce back after every loss since round 2; they haven't had two straight losses since then. Mitchell appears set to return as well, which should make them far more dangerous.

After last night's great bounce-back win over the Roosters 26-16 and Souths' embarrassing loss we should start favorites. This is another game we're expected to win. Often we have not handled the weight of expectations, especially when the opposition is up for the fight. At least the Rabbits aren't coming last, which boosts our chances.

However, as split-personality as we have been this year, the Rabbits been a shadow of their former self this year.

After almost winning the title in 2021 they have been deep in their rabbit hole this year, struggling for cohesion, following the departure of key leaders Reynolds, Bennett, and his trusty lietunent (since his premiership-winning Broncos days last century), Dr Phil (Jauncey) - the injury to Mitchell did not help either.

We can't put four wins-straight together, but the Rabbits can't even put three wins together. A sign of not being a genuine contenders, to date, and mentally not on their games. 

But, we're hardly one to gloat.

The last two weeks have seen three different Eels sides. The implosive self-sinking Brazilian Eels' Bahia (gunners shooting their own stern sinking the ship and killing most of the crew) who couldn't beat the worst-performing side over the last few years. We've also seen the ugly, self-contained, unadventurous, gritty Eels struggling to score a point in the second half against the Roosters. And the ones Cronk described "out of this world" in the first half last night. Adventurous, bold, in an offloading heaven, almost impossible to defend against. Sybil would be proud of her children.

So, which Eels will turn up in round 16?

Arthur's post-game "be the best version of our ourselves" out-of-the-blue comment after nine years is a leaf out of the sports' pyschologists and self-help 101s. Impressive. It's a nice change from "front loaded" effort, "chasing the collision", or "rolling our sleeves", "earning the right" and so on. It might suggest Arthur is has been recently now to new people who are about the mental side of the game (like Dr Phil), or reading their books. Hopefully, the former. Probably to try to get answers for our multiple personalities.

Dr Phil hinted at some of our problems in an article this week. Whoever is our sports pyschologist might need a few sessions with Dr Phil who thinks positive thinking, motivational thinking, and attitude are all bulldust when it comes to winning.

The Rabbits should be desperate and should be up for the fight this week, but will we be? Which talented team will have their A-grade mental game on?

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  •  The best thing I saw in the game against the Roosters was intensity attitude, nice well-timed support for offloaders and the most important of all was the ability to play as a team and not as individuals..Sivo, Paulo, and Papalipi played as hungry determined lions and set the power mentality we have lacked for a while. It's up to these guys to start well and let everyone know we are here to play.If they can play like last time we are in for a treat..I am getting excited. We don,t need a Doctor--the rabbits will need nurses..Nice to see Moses much more emotionally disciplined as well.

  • This is huge this match.  Fifth spot up for grabs even fourth if we can belt the rabbits and Cronulla just pip dogs (yes unlikely)

  • We don't handle Souths left edge attack well at all historically. It's not been firing this year but we know what's coming 

  • Souths have been very ordinary. Dragons ran through them easily the other week. However, knowing the eels they'll play them into form. 

  • Honestly, it's pretty much a guessing game at the moment in determining "which Parramatta" is going to turn up.

    For me, this is a danger game for sure. Got a bad feeling. Just hoping we turn up with the right attitude this time. If we do, we should win and win comfortably. 

  • I have a new recliner, so I have the right to help fix the Jekly and Hyde Eels by giving BA pyschological tips. 

    • Well you should ( hopefully ?? ( be able to sit back and relax in your new recliner !! Enjoy !! 

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