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  • On they give stats about players each week. BA said Moses ran 10km last week over Brisbane which means he would of covered the most distance from all players in round 19. However, he is not on the list. So is BA bullshiting to defend Moses. But keep in mind, Gutho is normally always up there for high speed efforts but wasn't even in the top 5. So maybe eels didn't give the NRL their data. 

  • If a player stubbs his toe in the warm up they  can bring in the 18th man, I think, or if players fail the temperature test , if they still have it, they can replace them or they can start the bench players and give  some limited game time. 

    • Smart. We should all of a sudden claim that few players got "injured" pre-game so we can use all 4 reserves. 

    • Rest Gutho, RCG, Paulo and another player. Give Benji and Lawrence an easier shot to win in their well - deserved farewell match. Well obv as long as raiders loose.

  • In a best case scenario where Cronulla are toweling up Canberra an hour into the earlier game, can Parra make mass changes and rest a stack of blokes, or are they bound to the squad announced Tuesday because, let's be honest, these days gambling iodds are a lot more important than players getting a rest heading into the finals, aren't they

    • They could rest two plays and promote the 18th and 19th men to the starting 17, 1 hour before kick off but can't undergo mass changes.

    • No brainer if Canberra no chance of winning. Rest Gutho with Field to fullback, Will Smith to 5/8. Rest Paulo, Mahoney and RCG as much as possible. Play the reserves for 60 minutes and limited time to our regulars


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