A special message for Roy.

When I found out Roy was upset with my previous picture, well I just felt terrible. So here is my heartfelt public apology to Roy and I can only hope this image will brighten his day.
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  • Hi Roy.
    Denis is coming!!!
  • hehe...gold.........cheer up spagsy

  • This guy makes me sick - abusing his power like that - reminds me of one of those players that always complains to referees during matches when a penalty is given - (the ref just marches the WHOLE TEAM back another 10) instead of just knuckling down to concentrate on the next set of 6

    I disagree 100% with his premise to impose authority on a public forum where he has NO jurisdiction, as 1EyedEel is NOT, in any way, associated with the Parramatta football club -

    To me, I saw the photo as SATIRE with no malice - I would compare "the photo" as exactly the same type of SATIRE as what you see in newspapers about politicians. Sure, it's a dig but we see these social observations as parody's EVERY DAY in society

    The fact that SATIRE is tolerated in society, particularly when no accusations or threats of physical violence - or any such "illegality" was committed - MAKES ME ASHAMED OF BEING AN EELS FAN with this TYRANT at the helm

    I will be happy when he is no longer chairman- he is a disgrace to OUR Club and a personal embarrassment to me - as I said - he makes me sick!!!

  • Haha classic Jamesy. 

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