Who should captain the Eels?

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  • Gutherson, the King - is a solid choice, even though, with some irony, his slender body's long term resiliance might eventually prove his undoing, even more than the number on his jersey out back. He also tends to sit on the nice guy side of the fence too much.

    Mannah has had a decorated career and been a loyal servant, but he's too much of a softly spoken oversized smiling teddy bear. Lovable, friendly, cute and sweet. His body language does not cry out leader: it cries out nice squeaky-clean guy.

    Ferguson is a talented player coming from a successful culture that we need; but he has not played a single NRL game in the Eels' jersey. Nor is he likely to be a future immortal. Is he here for understandable reasons such as family financial security ? Putting aside his past gambling and personal issues - what has earnt him the right?

    Brown's irrepressible toughness and fierceness that sometimes lifts the team is admirable and inspiring, but Moses is an interesting proposition - probably with the most long term potential and the most gears.

    Moses is passionate, an expressive communicator with latent innovative abilities; even if we're yet to see the best of him. Above all players he probably has the most ability to be innovative and creative. To see solutions outside the box where they might seem impossible or insurmountable. In the halves he's best positioned to communicate as well. The issue is he needs to get mentally tougher, finese his body language, composure and not spit the dummy as much like a petulant kid. Also, to minimise his defensive misreads to earn the complete loyalty and respect of the playing group.
  • Gower: should captain Wenty as suggested by a few here.
    Brown: I don't think he needs the captaincy to improve his game and it could actually take his focus off what he does best. chaaaaarge! in D and attack.
    Alvaro: Yeah? Nah, a ridiculous nomination for a leadership role which he has shown no interest in on the field.
    Fergo: absurd, Blake has played for numerous clubs over a decade, could always play but couldn't lead a thirsty horse to water. Has only recently shown an ability to lead himself.
    Mannah: Timmy has been a wonderful leader and servant for Parra since his junior days but does not inspire onfield although he does lead by example. Club Captain.
    Moses: the name smacks of leadership, very few could emulate the deeds of Moses, Red Sea crossing etc. Let my people go Fairow! but too immature to be handed captaincy.
    Gutho: IMO he will become a great player and captain, is inspirational and enthusiastic when fit and injury free (review 2017). How could you go past him?
  • Chief, question. And I tend to agree that if I'm looking at this group for a long-term captain and all these players are long-term players, I'm going Moses too. Would you be willing to settle for a continuation of the Mannah/Gutherson pair to give Moses a year to prove himself, with the captaincy the carrot at the end of the season if he does?
  • I voted for Moses, on the pure basis that he communicates with the players, he is a talker and is passionate..... too many times for my liking I have heard a Captain say they are not a big talker and take influence from their predecessor, Hindy said it when taking over Cayless and Mannah said it when taking over from Hindy.... hasn't worked in my opinion
  • Moses. I feel he could influence the referees the most.
    Alvaro is too quite
    Gutherson is too far away at fb
    Mannah is too nice
    Brown nope
    Gower may have to captain Wenty
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