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Nathan Hindmarsh has already told Ricky Stuart he wont be changing his decision to retire, but there is already a suggestion he could be signed up on a $100 contract just incase there is a injury crisis in the forward pack next year. A Hindy come wou

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I Need Answers and I Need Them Now!!

I need to get something off my chest, been bugging me for a while and truth be known all parramatta fans deserve a answer.SK was assistant coach at melbourne, he would have insight to what players have remaining left on their contracts,Why then did h

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Eels send Lowe SOS to rescue the season


GRAHAM LOWE has emerged as the man to help embattled Parramatta coach Stephen Kearney to resurrect his club and career.

The Sun-Herald can reveal Eels officials have held secret discussions with New Zealand legend Lowe about joining the staff, a move

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