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The Facts. Is Parra going to Struggle?

There was an error today in the Broncos Team line up. They were missing the names of the two refs officiating our game on Sunday - Ben Cummins and Grant Atkins.

Thought I'd share with you 'some' facts which were very noticeable to a 40+ year Eels boy!

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NRL admit to making 3 wrong calls

NRL admits three wrong calls cost Parramatta in loss to Broncos

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Some Rules for sum and for Parra? Fcukem


QUESTION: Was this worth a potential penalty try? Clearly the Bulldogs player takes away any chance of Sivo making a proper chance to grab the ball here. Usually this is a penalty in itself so i would assume the referee made a blunder by not taking a

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Parramatta Target New CEO

Parramatta target new CEO for Eels to replace 


Parramatta’s search for a new chief executive has the potential to cause a domino effect across the NRL as the Eels eye off some of the most influential figures in the game to take charge of the resurgen

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