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City of Parramatta Crest was designed in October 1862, The crest features the foreshore of the Parramatta River with Cabbage-tree Palms.

In an echo to the past, a grove of Cabbage-tree Palms is also featured in plans to provide shading for the public

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Sivo Homesick Rumour

Rumor has it from an inside source that Maika Sivo is very homesick, after his short visit to Fiji for christmas. As a result, he will not be returning to the NRL and the Parramatta Eels. Sivo’s Manager has alerted the Eels and are in talks with Brad

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Eels $2.5mill Coup

2.5 million coup: Parramatta Eels signing spree continues
Just days after re-signing Michael Jennings, Oregon Kaufusi and key playmaker Dylan Brown, Parramatta is poised to announce two more key signatures on long-term deals.
Dean Ritchie, The Daily Te

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