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1. Do not abuse, threaten or harass others, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with you. Do not post blogs, comments or pictures about any individuals that in any way might be construed as harassment or bullying.
2. Limit swearing. Dropping an occasional expletive into a blog or comment might be accepted (although we reserve the right to delete any expletives), however offensive language that is used to harass, bully or offend is not allowed.
3. Never sexually harass any 1Eyed Eel members. Every female member of the site should feel like this is a safe, non-threatening environment. Videos, pictures and avatars should not be sexually offensive; ie depicting nudity, sexual acts, etc.
4. Do not post content that might be considered racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other content that might be considered offensive to other 1Eyed Eel members. This is a Rugby League site, for discussions about Rugby League. Social blogs should not be divisive or used to inflame other members. Religious discussions are not allowed.
5. If you're going to criticise the players, club, officials, coach then it must be argued in a rational, reasonable fashion. Simply saying x player is a $#%# is not acceptable 5 nor are offensive personal insults.
6. No thoughtless trolling. If you're going to come onto this site and start criticising our club, players, site or members ensure it is thoughtful and reasonable debate/discussion. Blogs considered to be inflammatory-in-intent will be deleted or closed.
7. Do not set up profiles to mimic the profiles of others or mislead in regards to an identity. Do not set up multiple profiles with the intent to provoke trouble or use the site while suspended or banned.
8. Do not post content that infringes copyright. Content that is posted from outside sources as a basis for discussion, should be properly attributed with links to the original source. NRL logos and other intellectual property should not be posted.
9. Do not post personal non-football related content. Personal or family images, videos or contact details should not be posted to 1Eyed Eel. In absolutely no circumstance, should content from other people’s social media profiles be posted to 1Eyed Eel. Do not post information, images or even make remarks about family of members, or indeed any individual individuals.
10. Do not personally identify members of the board who wish to remain anonymous. If users choose not to use the board under their real-name, assume that as to be their desire to remain anonymous and respect that wish. Do not call people by their real names, refer to jobs, addresses or any other personal information.
11. Content that might in any way be considered defamatory to an individual should not be posted to this website. Do not post rumours or speculation that might be considered damaging to an individual. Be aware that if you do so you take full responsibility for posting such content, and you will be personally liable if further action is taken.

12. Fans from other teams are welcome on the site so long as they adhere to the site rules listed above.
WARNING: The Code of Conduct will be applied far more harshly against new members. If you join the site, and immediately start throwing around insults or getting into disagreement with other members, you will be considered a troll and permanently suspended.


Action to be taken over code of conduct breaches

1Eyed Eel can not exist without our volunteer moderators. They are not paid, they are not full-time, they volunteer their time to make this site possible.

As such, their decisions are final and should be respected. If you have an issue with any moderation decision you can raise it in the Site Matters groups or PM the site owner, 1Eyed Eel, or any of the moderators. You may not agree with all decision, you may even be right, but unless you're a repeat offender you will only be asked to sit out a short suspension, so accept the decision and move on. Failure to do so will result in the suspension being extended or permanent

Unless in cases of extreme breaches, or unless in relation to new members, you will be given a warning before you are suspended, usually via a private message. On a repeat offence you will be given a 24 hour suspension, then a three-day ban and after which the moderators may impose a permanent ban for those who continually breach the code of conduct.

You may also be asked to adhere to an "interpersonal" ban. In cases where we feel two individuals are not able to communicate without bringing down the tone of the site, we'll ask that those individual do not reply to each other, or reference each other until the ban is lifted. A lifting will require both parties to agree to conduct themselves with more civility going forward.

Moderators may edit or delete content that breaches the code of conduct. If your content has been moderated or deleted, you should consider it an indication that you have breached the code of conduct. If you do not feel this to be the case then respectfully raise it in the Site Matters group. Content that strays into defamation or might be considered a legal threat to the site, will be likely be deleted upon suspicion to protect the site.

Chat is moderated most subjectively and bans handed out most liberally. Moderation decisions in the chat area of the site may be based purely on calming down a potentially provocative situation or as a warning to a use their messages have gone too far. Chat bans, which last for 24 hours maximum, should not be disputed unless you feel you have been repeatedly treated unfairly by the moderators, in which case you should post to the Site Matters group.

If you feel the code of conduct has been breached, please inform us by flagging content, or sending a message to the site owner or moderator. In extreme case, where content is considered to be of a defamatory or damaging nature you should email the site owner at philip@mediaconnect.com.au.

Please be aware that if your postings result in legal action, 1Eyed Eel would comply with legal authorities in allowing access to IP addresses, email addresses and any other requested information.

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