Transgender nrl players

I find it disturbing how the nrl has lifted the band aid off, and has ruled out transgender people from playing footy. I feel there should be a sprinkle of every sexual orientation throughout all sports and specially the wnrl and nrl.They seem to have a strong cult with religion throughout all sports. Why should your sexual orientation be any different.? I think this is the perfect time to get onboard for sponsors in the LGBTQIA community to feel welcome in the NRL. It would bring millions more dollars to the game and corporate sponsors,.It’s just my thought any way.What are your thoughts?

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      • Frankie,

        Isn't there a category you can choose when you post a blog?

        I think there's one for non-footy blogs.

        Then your blogs won't be deleted.


        • if s blog is posted in the wrong category a mod merely just places it in the right category , Super delete the blogs because they went against his lefty views and he has a history of doing this because he likes to push his left views on the site . 

          • How about u and your agendas!! You're this site's biggest troll! I mean u fcukin support the roosters and never have anything positive to say about the club, you and you're little clicks ie snake/worm, chief/subordinate etc.You have no credibility at all! 

            Furthermore, instead of constantly criticising Super, why don't you step up to the plate and be a 'MOD'...... Or is it just too easy to criticise and constantly berate others......

    • If they do, could you please let Frankie know, he needs a cure asap!!

  • If a dude who has surgery to "become" a woman thinks he/she has the right to play in woman's sport, they are clearly delusional.

  • I didn't make this blog for it to be about politics, I sincerely hope we can have a professional robust  discussion regarding transgender playing in the Nrl or Wnrl.
    I think it would bring great atmosphere to all games. There is nothing wrong with change and the sooner nrl fans get on board it will be a dominated sport for all walks of life and your sexual orientation, it shouldn't have any bearing on what sport they should play. 

    If by chance you may have a transgender child and you wouldn't take their dream away, imagine the first transgender nrl player playing for the Eels. 

  • Rugby league is a game for men not women or men that want to be women. The  only atmosphere it would bring would be rank. 

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  • I agree with Ian Roberts here,

    Ian Roberts: 'a setback for tolerance and inclusion'

    8:21 am on 22 June 2022

    Ian Roberts, the first elite rugby league player to come out as gay, condemned the sport's decision to ban transgender players from women's internationals as a setback for tolerance and inclusion in the broader community.

    Manly's Ian Roberts in 1995.

    Ian Roberts playing for Manly in 1995. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

    The International Rugby League has said that "male-to-female" transgender athletes would be barred from women's international competition until further notice as it conducts further research to finalise a formal policy.

    The IRL's ruling follows global swimming's decision to restrict transgender athletes from elite women's competition and to look at setting up "open" categories for transgender competition.

    Former Australian rugby league international Roberts, who came out in 1995, said the IRL's decision was "disappointing" and could potentially drive transgender athletes away from sport.

    "As a community I thought we had progressed past this and we had matured enough to understand this and accept every person's right to be who they are and live their honest self, live their truthful self," he told Reuters in an interview.

    "I do think there needs to be a conversation about this and how they reached that decision - and the reasons they reached that decision.

    "I mean there's so much misinformation and disinformation around this subject."

    The IRL said it was working to develop criteria "based on the best possible evidence" that balanced the right to compete with the safety of participants.

    Roberts said the heated debate about transgender athletes in elite sport reminded him of the controversy triggered by sportsmen coming out in the 1990s, including former soccer player Justin Fashanu.

    Briton Fashanu was the first professional soccer player to come out as gay.

    "It's almost like the same storyline. Back when I came out and in 1990 when Justin Fashanu came out, it was seen as like the destruction of men's contact sport," said Roberts.

    "You couldn't have gay men in the locker room ... We obviously moved past all that, we matured, re-educated ourselves.

    "And this is almost like the modern day equivalent - like, these trans women are going to destroy the sport, predominantly be the victors and the major winners.

    "It's not what the history shows."

    Ricki Coughlan, one of Australia's first transgender athletes in professional running, said the IRL's move was a "failure of governance" that discounted diversity among transgender women in performance and physical characteristics.

    Coughlan entered women's running competitions after she transitioned and passed a number of tests by Australian athletics authorities over a period of 18 months in the early 1990s to determine her suitability to compete with women.

    She said transgender athletes should not be locked out of elite sport by blanket rules and would be better off being assessed on a case-by-case basis.

    "Thus we will fit in with what we're really looking for in sport, which is meaningful competition," Coughlan said.

    "We can have that without insult and injury to transgender people."

    She also took exception to FINA saying it would set up a working group to establish an "open" category for transgender athletes in some events.

    Coughlan posted a segregation-era photo on social media showing separate water fountains for white and Black people in the United States.

    "I've compared that on social media and elsewhere to creating a water fountain for Blacks in the 1950s in America," she said of FINA's "open" category proposal.

    "You see a big, fancy, shiny water fountain for the white folks and for the Black ... folks they get this little dirty, grubby basin off to the side.

    "And it's like saying, 'We'll include you but you're over there.'"



    Ian Roberts: 'a setback for tolerance and inclusion'
    Ian Roberts, the first elite rugby league player to come out as gay, condemned the sport's decision to ban transgender players as a setback for toler…
  • Penny , 

    I've no issues at all with transgender people, per se, yet we need to look at some of the realities beyond judgements, politics, and ideologies.

    People born male are biologically different than females, generally. Males have larger skeletal, muscular systems, they're bigger, have more muscle mass, taller, and born with bigger lungs and hearts, generally. Gender identity treatment can't change all of that. Also, males are born with far more testosterone:

    • For males after puberty the range is 7.7 to 29.4 nmol/L in the blood.
    • For females even elite female athletes the range is 0.12 to 1.79 nmol/L in blood
    • Sporting bodies try to go for transgender women athletes having less than 5 or 10 nmol/L in the blood.
    • That's still up to 300% - 8000% more than naturally born females (even the most elite). How is that fair?

    So, even with all the hormone therapy and treatment, it's still an overwhelming advantage. The result of this is not really all that different from an athlete pumping testosterone via anabolic steroids to get an advantage. The only difference being this is due to biological birth. It's not surprising in the least you see these women with male-biological birth dominating many events with women born naturally female. It's a distinction you can't reality away under a blanket.

    Until science can equalize the equation at the very least, I don't feel it's fair on women who weren't born male biologically, especially in elite sports where careers and livelihoods are on the line at the pinnacle, IMO.

    Other solutions to this dilemma at elite levels are needed to allow transgender women to compete at the highest levels. 

    Sources of data:

    IAAF regulations for female athletes with high testosterone levels
    Female athletes with high testosterone levels are struggling to find the right option to continue to compete and satisfy IAAF regulations.
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