Slugg rang me yesterday and asked me to write a thank you Blog for everyone that has wished him well in his ongoing recovery.

He would especially like to thank Parramatta Tragic, who has made many sacrifices in being with Slugg, whether visiting in person and dropping off chocolates and spending time with him personally. He also would like to say a special thank you to Snake who has provided a mountain of support with encouraging phone calls and jokes.

Just to update you Geoff (Sluggy) is still in Bowral Hospital and will be in there over Xmas and for a while yet.

When speaking to him early this week I can honestly say I didn't think he was going make it, he was down, in pain and just wanted to go to sleep. Geoff is not a religious man, never has been but he decided he would say a little prayer to his wife. He was encouraged so much that he started to feel a bit better, the will to live was reignited.

Further to that, one of the nurses when he told her of his prayer, decided to sit with him and offered another prayer, which further got Geoff to thinking positive thoughts.

Going into this Christmas i am sure we all know people that are ill or have been ill, we maybe should all stop for a second and think of them and if you are lucky enough not to have someone in such a position, then think of our Sluggy as he continues to fight the good fight!

So Merry Xmas from Sluggy and may you all have a safe and wonderful one, because Geoff is now saying a little prayer for everyone.

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  • The power of prayer is magical!!!!

  • Nice blog Poppa and great sentiment all round.

    Soldier on Sluggy :)

  • Get well soon big Geoff. We hope you and your meat sword make a full recovery. Have faith in what will be.

  • Well if your life is as long as your meat puppet Sluggo, you’ve got about 14 inches.

    Best wishes and I hope the nurses bring you some lovely Xmas pud  

  • Merry Christmas Slug. If prayers end up not being enough encouragement, just remember we're always going to win next year.

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    • I rang Geoff today to tell him I posted the blog and read it out to him.

      He was very emotional and probably not having a great day, he said most of the people have probably forgotten him......I stressed no way.....I cannot ever remember a more popular member of this site.....he broke down again and I emphasised that no one sees any weakness in a few tears. This was after he kept apologising for crying.

      He said he will be forever greatful to everyone, no matter what happens.

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        • I'm sure your feelings will be kindly held by Sluggy Frankie.

          We may have our differences but I know you have been very warm with Sluggy and he only says good things about you.

          Have a Merry Xmas.

  • Well said Poppa all the best Slugg your loved/missed by all on this site  get well soon 

  • Best wishes and hope thinge improve for Slugg quickly.

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