I just watched 4Corners ABC tonight about the situation in Hong Kong--Young people willing to sacrifice their life for Democracy. Not sure where it will end--very disturbing. I hope anybody can help in whatever way they can to support them. A big Gamble for China-If they mess this one up, China could join a  lot of other countries which are also really messed up. There seems to be a self destruct virus around the world at so many levels. Can we put our head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening? Looking after your own patch- may not work--  we will also get dragged into this mess and become more divided amongst ourselves where it snowballs without restraint. Pretty upsetting. People in Hong Kong is in a hopeless place with no solution.

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  • I was always uneasy when back at the handover the Hong Kong people stood there waving Chinese flags as the tanks rolled in. I kept thinking, “Do you actually realise what you’re cheering for?” Clearly they did not. They do now.  

    China doesn’t understand democracy. (Like the US doesn’t understand gun control laws) The concept of true political  freedom is just so foreign and so uncomfortable to the Chinese Government that even when they’re seemingly allowing HK to operate independently they simply can’t let it happen. It goes against the very ethos of the Chinese government. 

    China does need HK economically. That’s HK’s only protection. Almost all Chinese companies use HK for International financial transactions and as a major shipping port. I think it will settle down into an uneasy peace. But make no mistake. When China decides it can side step HK as an economic hub it will bring the hammer down and that will be the end of HK independence. I don’t see it happening soon but I think it will happen in my lifetime. It will be swift and unapologetic. 

    • The thing that got to me is the passion with reasonable people in HK. Many are saying they are willing to die for this. This is a big deal. Many countries are watching. But will they do anything--Probably not--The economy is at stake. Self-interest will always make bystanders watch, shake their heads, and say I am glad it's, not me when in a similar situation get bitter with the world for not helping them out. Says a lot about human nature.

  • I’m more concerned about getting ripped off against the broncos. This rubbish needs to be aside and forgotten about.

  • Yes it is disturbing and truly quite sad.

    Funnily enough they are fighting being taken over by a communist regime yet many in the west embrace such ideology.

    Truth is when you’re free you take it for granted and think that’s how life is lived by everyone on earth - especially the youth who have not experienced and/or seen enough during their short lives. Many today in the west still don’t realise that freedom is not a given, it’s a natural human right but a privilege and as such we all need to fight to continue to keep it that way.

    The scary thing for me is way the west is heading down the socialist path. I fear if we do continue down this ridiculous path our kids may end up living in a world not too dissimilar to Communist China. Day by day, new legislation by new legislation, increased censorship by increased censorship we are definitely getting there.

    • With Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump as leaders of Australia, UK and the USA, respectively, the west is heading down the socialist path, Frank?

      • Yep - go figure....

      • Don’t kid yourself Alan, please don’t be so ignorant. Look around sometime.......

        The government of the day is right wing but all the main segments within it and society are not - they have been infiltrated by the left. 






        These are the power players of society not some figure head that sits in the White House or in the Parliament House and gets kicked out every 4 years.

        These people control what the kids learn today, what the masses read tomorrow and set up what the culture is to look like in the future.

        They want what China is - I don’t. You can’t see it  I can. It’s happening slowly but it’s definutely happening.


        • Multi- national CEO's left wing...... your losing it franky.....

          • CEOs are most definitely not lefties at heart but they appease the left and therefore take on many leftist ideologies to stay in business - look no further than Israel Folau.

            Most are now what can be considered SJWs

            • Frank the Tank, you are correct in many ways.

              A lot of countries, even some non-Western countries are becoming more "inclusive" in law especially re LGTI and minority groups with human rights considerations becoming important. And a sensitive issue.

              See the green guys below - that recognise and protect LGTI human rights in law.

              It's an old map, too; but growing. For example, Taiwan become the first asian country to accept gay marriage in  2017.



              Imo, the French Revolution started it, late 18th century, when they decriminalised homosexuality.They used to burn gays before that. Australia used to execute gays up to the late 19th century - 100 years on.

              Australia started to decriminalise homosexuality in 1975 in SA. But, is started under former Liberal prime minister John Gorton (PM between 1968-71) who pushed it in parliament in 1973 getting a 64-40 yes vote (amazingly close to the recent gay marriage vote).

              But even in the "green" countries there is a lot of internal division to it. There are still an anti-gay sentiments. The marriage vote was divisive in Australia. Western Sydney voted overwhelmingly no, despite an overall national 60% yes vote.

              Folau's case was unique because there was an apparent clash of human rights - LGTI rights and corporate rights to preserve their business interests versus freedom of speech.

              Most punters support Folau - even if they believe he speaks dickhead language.


              I wouldn't want a divisive dickhead talking employee working for me either. 

              It's somewhat ironic that where the green county aren't - corruption is more likely. And you can get away with far more stuff that you can't in the green places and cheaper labour too.

              Hard to get everything you want Frank. We'd need to revert back to the 1950s, before major social movements.


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